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A slave needs to be completely broken down before he can be molded into my perfect servant. This sissy slut is getting ass fucked relentlessly by a fucking machine while I brain wash 'it'. Imagine being bound & helpless, your ass getting pummeled, me sitting on your face & getting milked over & over...
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Shemale Fetish

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You awaken, groggy, confronted by a busty woman with a huge dick. I explain that your sexually dissatisfied wife found your porn history on your computer & now knows all about your fetish for trannies, t-girls, lady boys, shemales. You like chicks with dicks! She hatched this revenge plan with me & now you're in my dungeon with a cocktail inside of you to make you compliant, horny & erect...but as soon as you ejaculate you will no longer be aroused and what I do to you will not be enjoyable. I'm going to fuck your virgin ass with this HUGE BLACK COCK! I'm going to violate your little man pussy, stretch it & pound it. (This vid includes MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT with lots of vocals about enforced, brutal anal...& is perfect if you also have a fetish for shemales/trannies, etc.)
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Sissy Ass-Fucking Cock-Sucking Training

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This cross-dressed sissy gets some lessons on cock sucking as well as getting 'her' ass stretched and broken in. I'll be pimping 'her' out so I need ensure she won't disappoint me.
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Outdoor Strap-on

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Fucking a slave in the ass....outside.

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Get used to the idea of sucking & taking cock in the be pimped out by me!
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Medical Rectal Exam By Shemale

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