oral service

Slave Girl Audition (Part 3): Oral Service

mp4 247.04 MB

After seeing what an efficient job the sub girl did on my boots I decide to try out her oral skills on my pussy & ass. This is a fucking hot vid! Kinky dirty slave girl: Amica Bentley here. A big thank you to Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion for gifting me the slave girl and for filming this scene! (You'll find me on The English Mansion!)
Length: 8 minutes

Kinky MILF Domme Uses Slave

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You dream of serving a sexy, mature, Dominant, kinky woman...don't you? I would have you service my ass & pussy...I would fuck your ass & make you beg to cum, teasing you & keeping you on the edge...denying you for my sadistic jollies.(Custom vid, no name mentioned).
Length: 12 minutes

Prisoners Pussy Licking Duty

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In MY prison inmates do as I instruct them to or they get severely punished. This new prisoner will start out with oral service duties. If he performs well he won't be punished.
Length: 8 minutes

Be My Service Sub

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If you served me in real life you would be expected to perform all kinds of duties...including oiling me down after my bath...from head to toe...massaging the oil into my Goddess body. You can think about that while I talk to you about your life as my slave...& cum for me as I command you to...
Length: 11 minutes