Boot Fetish

Leather Boot Lust

mp4 211.73 MB

If you like HANDJOBS or LEATHER BOOTS you'll love this sensual Domination clip featuring a black slave being milked onto my gorgeous leather thigh high boots.
Length: 10 minutes

Just Gloves And Boots

mp4 211.75 MB

Sensual FemDom! Beautifully nude with just fetish boots & rubber/latex opera length gloves...a slave teased, used & milked...
Length: 7 minutes

Muddy Boot Cleaning Pig

mp4 205.91 MB

Extreme FemDom & slave degradation. A naked slave in chastity & a collar is led through the mud, exposed to the elements & made to lick the caked on filthy mud from my boots...
Length: 7 minutes

Be My Boot Bitch

mp4 249.89 MB

You ache to be at my feel your lips against my smell the leather of those fine designer suck on the worship those boots & give yourself to me. You'll stroke & cum for me while worshiping me & my boots in this sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION vid. xo (PS: You'll have views of the boots before they were worn outside & after so whether you prefer new bottoms or worn/dirty bottoms you get both.)
Length: 8 minutes

Beautiful But Cruel

mp4 249.47 MB

CRUEL, cutting, mean verbals. What I say to this slave will give you chills. Heavy, mind-fucking degradation. I'm a real bitch. Oh, and boot worship.
Length: 8 minutes

Hot Night For Cuckold

mp4 485.35 MB

This vid is filmed POV style with a lot of interaction between you & I. You are my cuckold husband. While I get ready for my lovers arrival I tell you what is going to happen. You watch me shower/shave my pussy, brush my hair & put on lipstick. Then we have a moment alone while I'm all dressed up for him. I'm wearing beautiful boots you've bought for me and I'll allow you to worship them while I fuck my lover. You then watch while I get fucked properly by a real man with a cock so much bigger than yours. At the end, of course it's time for you to do clean up duty. First the messy creampie/my cum-filled well-fucked pussy AND you'll also be expected to clean my lovers cock while he laughs at you. CUKOLDING + HUMILIATION + CREAMPIE + ENCOURAGED BI + CUM EATING INSTRUCTION + HOT WIVES + BOOT WORSHIP + LIPSTICK + FUCKING. --------------- Be my cuckold/film slave in the next 2 weeks in LONDON. Limited private sessions also available. Cuckolding & other activities:
Length: 16 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 11

wmv 602.89 MB

Those devious Goddess's! They knew that the camera man has a weakness for sexy shoes and boots so Ariel grabbed the camera from him while they molested him. This was very spontaneous and unplanned. Lots of shoes, boots and feet on cock...very overwhelming for the poor camera man...but he does the sensible thing and lays there like a good boy while the ladies toy with him. (Everyone gets in on the fun but most of the clip features Ariel, Veronica and Bijou.)
Length: 16 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 6

wmv 376.3 MB

Sexy Veronica! This clip focuses on her, her legs, her boots, her pussy...we chat while she uses a slave as a foot stool. Candid, unscripted and casual.
Length: 7 Minutes


wmv 518.19 MB

This clip is dedicated to all the boot lovers out there. I model 6 different pairs of gorgeous, sexy boots...teasing you and guiding you to blow your load over and over for me. Get DOWN there, where you belong, and worship my boots.
Length: 14 Minutes

Jerk It for Your Fetish Goddess

wmv 193.52 MB

Skin tight, shiny, sexy rubber & latex. How long do you think you'd last in my presence? You've got 5 minutes. Follow my instructions, milk yourself for me...then do it again...and again... (Comic book dorks will should enjoy this too.)
Length: 5 minutes