Just Gloves And Boots

mp4 211.75 MB

Sensual FemDom! Beautifully nude with just fetish boots & rubber/latex opera length gloves...a slave teased, used & milked...
Length: 7 minutes

Outdoor Corporal Punishment

mp4 242.39 MB

Classic FemDom. Just a good ol' fashioned beating. He deserved it.
Length: 8 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Boot Lover

mp4 349.95 MB

This is a hot boot worship & trample scene with sexy stiletto boots...and a very ruined orgasm finish.
Length: 12 minutes

Be My Boot Bitch

mp4 249.89 MB

You ache to be at my feel your lips against my smell the leather of those fine designer suck on the worship those boots & give yourself to me. You'll stroke & cum for me while worshiping me & my boots in this sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION vid. xo (PS: You'll have views of the boots before they were worn outside & after so whether you prefer new bottoms or worn/dirty bottoms you get both.)
Length: 8 minutes

Boot Fucking Slave Girl

mp4 275.98 MB

Do you have a weakness for sexy BOOTS? So does this slave girl. I've caught her masturbating in my closet with my shoes & boots...I tease her about her addiction, making her lick, kiss & worship my beautiful boots. I then demand a proper 'boot shine' as she rubs her horny pussy over the top of my boots shining it with her pussy juices...then fuck her pussy with the toe of the boot like it's a cock... (There is a FREE PREVIEW of this vid on my PREVIEWS page!)
Length: 9 minutes

Watch Me Destroy His Balls

mp4 180.13 MB

Ceara Lynch & Domina Snow sit back & laugh while I repeatedly kick this slave in the nuts, full strength, over & over again... (Click to see more of Alexandra Snow)
(Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
Length: 6 minutes

Public Boot Licker

mp4 221.01 MB

Oh the shame of public humiliation! You can almost feel the heat off of his burning cheeks as he kneels on the ground and licks the filth from the bottoms of my sexy will see people walking by gawking at him, you might even pick up some audio of people just out of frame talking about him. It was broad daylight, middle of the afternoon in a busy part of the city. This was not staged, this is 100% REAL candid public humiliation/boot worship.
Length: 7 minutes

I Love Ballbusting 2

mp4 104.8 MB

Another action-packed ballbusting clip featuring sexy silver stiletto boots and SNEAKERS. Running kicks with the slave standing and kneeling. Plus hard KNEEING to the groin. Wince in pain, jerk what's left of you meat and enjoy! ~~~ NOTE: The last part of this series is only available on Crudelis Amator...where you'll find lots of other ballbusting clips. Check it out:
Length: 3 minutes