Vows Of Devotion

mp4 122.24 MB

This is a custom vid (the name mentioned is a politically incorrect slang term). If you are a submissive BLACK man who wants to devote himself to me, Mistress T, like a religion, this vid is a good start. (Disclaimer: extreme theme & words.)
Length: 5 minutes

Cuckold Foot Licker

mp4 224.74 MB

Custom vid: (no name mentioned) Your boss & your wife cuckold you & tell you what your life as their cuckold is going to be like from now on. You'll be their foot licker all the time & worship BOTH of their feet...when they get back from the gym, at the beach, at restaurants, etc. Of course, you'll lick their feet while their having sex! You'll still work hard but hand ALL your money over to them to spend on a lavish lifestyle of luxurious vacations, spa days, fine dining, etc. You'll also be put on a diet of junk food to fatten you up & make you even uglier while they go to the gym & gt even sexier. Your life of humiliation begins now.
Length: 7 minutes

Exposed To The World

mp4 223.56 MB

Do you have a fantasy about being exposed? Your neighbors, friends, coworkers, wife, etc. finding out about your secret kinky life? It's thrilling & terrifying, isn't it? So you allow yourself to be photographed & filmed doing shameful sex acts: sucking cock, licking send these pics along with your real name to sexy women tempting fate...what did you think would happen you sick fuck? ***Disclaimer: This is all a part of Gordon's fantasy. I have not exposed a film slave & his real name without his written permission or against his wishes.***
Length: 11 minutes

Earn Your Orgasm

mp4 490.26 MB

This is a highly INTERACTIVE video. You will be required to do 'certain things' throughout this vid. I'm going to leave it a bit mysterious. I won't ruin the surprise. I will assure you that you will feel highly motivated to do what I tell you to and that ANYONE will be able to do it no matter what specific fetishes you're into. (Another tip: I strongly recommend this vid for ANY fan of me, Mistress T, no matter what you're into.)
You can buy pay-per-view vids from my clips store:
Length: 16 minutes

Boss Blackmails Pay Pig

wmv 421.79 MB

A unique twist on the Financial Domination theme...and a worst nightmare come true for any pay pig. You missed a payment and your Financial Domme has made good on her blackmail promise. Her first call is to me, your boss. She tells me all about your perversions and she expects I'll fire you...but instead I'm intrigued and I see an opportunity. I tell her I'll make sure you make your payments to her from now on if she doesn't call your wife. I tell you that you will now be my bitch in the office You'll work harder and longer hours and I'll take credit for your work. You'll amuse me in this office, starting right now: you're going to jerk off and cum in front of me, and yes, I know that cumming without your Mistress's permission will result in a fine and punishment by her. That's what's so amusing! If you don't do it, I'll tell your wife. Damned if you do, damned if you don't! You're under the control of 2 Dominant bitches now and we're going to enjoy teaming up to make your life a living hell. You get a thrill from losing control to a woman? Well, this is double your pleasure then.
Length: 11 minutes

Hand It Over

wmv 343.94 MB

"Interactive Financial Domination" did so well I decided to throw you pay pigs another bone. This one is also interactive but it is very different from the other one. This one sexualizes the physical act of handing over your money to me...Does the fantasy of PAYING make your dick hard? If so, download and start your stroke fest.
Length: 9 minutes

Boot Worship Brainwash

wmv 227.13 MB

This clip contains surprises that I won't spoil for you. I'll just say that if you're into 'boots' and/or 'Entrancement/mind control/financial domination' you will love this clip. I strongly recommend you download it. In fact, I order you to.
Length: 6 minutes

Financial Slave Humiliated

wmv 110.26 MB

This is a custom clip created for a dumbass financial slave who sent me a bunch of money to post humiliating pics of him on my site (I verified they were him and not someone else). I take advantage of him (as usual) and also use this clip to address other financial slaves. Pay too much for this clip and get my attention. Go ahead, get your stupid jerk off high by sending me your money. I'll have more fun with it than you will anyway. Wanker.
Length: 5 minutes