fire hose

Boobs, Big Cock & Buckets Of Cum

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The title says it all. If you like boobs & hand jobs this vid will blow your mind. (This is the guy who cums like a fire hose!)
Length: 11 minutes

Cuckolds Reward

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You've been a good you get to watch me enjoy my lovers big cock. Lots of sensual cocksucking training'll need to learn to fluff those cocks for me. Sex...then a very special ending. A first I think...? To help you get used to the taste of cum I milk his huge load all over me & you're going to have to lick me clean! Maybe next time if you're really good you'll be permitted to clean up the cream pie...for now you'll lick it off of my face, neck, breasts, tummy....& whatever has dripped down, down, down... ~ This is the guy who cums like a fire hose!
Length: 13 minutes

Huge Cumblast For Foot Lover!

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This is the guy with the huge dick who cums like a fire hose from "Buckets of Cum!", "Huge Fucking Cumshot!", "Milked by a Dominant Nurse", "Cum Drenched Cuckold" & "Foot Fetish Handjob". . . . This is a sensual nude handjob with a little pussy licking, lots of hot foot views, a little footjob action & of course a MONSTER CUM BLAST finish (repeated in slow motion the way you cum shot fanatics love). This is a fantastic vid, highly recommended!
Length: 15 minutes

Huge Fucking Cumshot!

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This is a sensual, playful handjob vid with lots of teasing, a bit of face sitting & a MONSTER CUM SHOT!!! ~~~~~ This is the guy who comes like a fire hose from "Buckets of Cum!", "Milked By a Dominant Nurse", "Sucker For Sisters Feet", "Cum Drenched Cuckold" & "Foot Fetish Handjob".
Length: 11 minutes

Milked By A Dominant Nurse

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You have a build up of fluid that needs to be extracted. Strict Nurse T takes control of the situation & uses a special medical procedure to relieve that pressure. Length: 10 minutes

Buckets of CUM!

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Who doesn't love to see a giant cock cum like a fire hose?! This is a sexy, FemDom milking with an explosive, massive cum shot. (Sensual Domination)
Length: 7 minutes