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This is a MUST-HAVE! Whether you're into GIANTESS or FARTING or ASS WORSHIP or not, this is a legendary and unique clip you'll want for your collection. Trust me. Also great for fans of SHRINKING FETISH and CRUSH. The crush scene was too GRAPHIC to put in the preview. Make sure the volume is turned up, you'll want to hear all the special sounds in this clip from the beginning to the fatal end.
Length: 6 minutes

Giantess Cuckolding

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As my cuckold, it's your job to prepare my pussy before my boyfriend comes over to fuck me. The one thing you were actually good at was licking pussy. But you're jealous and being sulky so you don't do a good job. I get angry and to remind you where your place is I shrink you down to the same size as your worthless cock. From that place I make you watch my giant boyfriend fuck me with his giant cock. You feel so insignificant. Even more than you usually do. When he pulls his cock out of my pussy you get directly hit with a huge splooge of cum & pussy juice! You're then required to lick us both clean before I'll even consider turning you back to regular size.
Length: 11 minutes