Shoe Worship

Time Travel Tease Trap

mp4 403.15 MB

You've signed a contract to go back in time to serve me for a period of one year. You will not be able to ejaculate though or the time travel will not be able to be reversed. You'll be stuck in this time serving me for the rest of your life. It's only your first day but I can't seem to resist tempting you...seduction, tease...will you be able to control yourself??? ~~~~~~~ SIDE NOTE: I will be in SAN FRANCISCO & LA Oct 26 - Nov 10, 2011. See my public blog for more details:
Length: 14 minutes

Public Shoe Worship Humiliation

mp4 112.78 MB

Domina Snow joins me for some good ol' fashioned public humiliation. This is the real deal with the general public walking by mortified at this idiot on his knees, licking our shoes, making an ass of himself. (Click to see more of Alexandra Snow)
Length: 4 minutes

Publicly Worship Our Shoes

mp4 145.24 MB

Domina Snow & I give you a taste of what it would feel like to worship us in a busy hotel lobby, where anyone could see you. Imagine humiliating yourself like that, for our amusement... (Click for more Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes

Poolside Public Foot Worship

mp4 185.13 MB

This slave loves my shoes & feet so much he's willing to humiliate himself by worshiping them in public, at a busy hotel pool where people watch & laugh at him...many beautiful women especially (you can hear them laughing in the background if you listen for it). Note: I am careful to not get people's faces in the vid for their privacy but you see enough feet & hear enough voices to know there are a lot of people there. If you're into public humiliation this vid is awesome.
Length: 6 minutes

You Will Eat Your Own Cum

mp4 513.15 MB

This is an INTERACTIVE HUMILIATING MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION/JOI CUM-EATING INSTRUCTION vid. My demeanor is cruel & sharp as I degrade you. I'm the kind of hard-to-please bitchy Domme you love to try desperately to please. Today you'll amuse me by doing what you haven't been able to do: eat your own cum. 1st: Jerk off quickly onto a plate or in a bowl (you'll worship the bottoms of my beautiful heels while I degrade you & instruct you to jerk off for me). You'll then pause the vid & come back later when you're horny again. Keep that cum you'll need it for round two! 2nd: I give you lots of eye candy, teasing and encouragement to help you along the 2nd time because you're going to have to eat that cold cum before you are given permission to ejaculate again...
Length: 17 minutes

Jerk It For ***s Friend 2

wmv 282.55 MB

Are you going to be a good boy for MILF? I'm going to show my sexy girlfriend how well trained you are. You're going to jerk off and cum exactly as I say while she watches.
Length: 8 minutes

Goddess Party 3 Tease And Foot Worship

wmv 190.46 MB

This is a very special clip containing 2 different very authentic, candid times at the party. The first a very intimate and intense tease & denial scene. The second a foot/shoe/panty hose worship scene with multiple Goddess's. One foot slut is being completely ignored by one Goddess who doesn't even bother to remove her shoe or lift her leg while the slave kneels and licks her toes (open-toed shoes)...the other licks the Goddess's feet through her well-worn panty hose while we make fun of him. Very hot humiliation and examples of naturally Dominant REAL women using slaves for their amusement.
Length: 5 minutes