Ignored By Kissing Lovers

wmv 356.9 MB

This clip might float your boat if you're into any of the following: MOUTH FETISH, LIPSTICK FETISH, JEANS FETISH, CUCKOLDING, FOOT FETISH, ENCOURAGED BI, KISSING or BEING IGNORED. ~ This clip contains mostly romantic, passionate, deep kissing...first without lipstick and then after a close-up of lipstick application, more messy kissing. Lots of great shots of the soles of our feet and a few hot shots of my ass in tight jeans.
Length: 10 minutes

Tickled And Teased Uncle

wmv 413.06 MB

It's a tease & denial / cock tease double header (with yesterday's 'Cock Tease Princess' - get them BOTH!). This time the cock tease brat tricks her uncle (who is showing her his Halloween costume) into letting her tie him up to the bed. Big mistake. She then tickles him and teases his cock and he's helpless to do anything about it! (BRAT GIRLS, INTER-Fam,, OLDER MAN/YOUNGER WOMAN, BONDAGE, TEASE & DENIAL, COCK TEASE, JEANS FETISH, TICKLING.)
Length: 11 minutes