Be My Boot Bitch

mp4 249.89 MB

You ache to be at my feet...to feel your lips against my boot...to smell the leather of those fine designer boots...to suck on the heel...to worship those boots & give yourself to me. You'll stroke & cum for me while worshiping me & my boots in this sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION vid. xo (PS: You'll have views of the boots before they were worn outside & after so whether you prefer new bottoms or worn/dirty bottoms you get both.)
Length: 8 minutes

Green Leather Gloved Hand Job

mp4 424.77 MB

A beautiful, sensual POV handjob vid featuring fine, butter-soft Italian leather gloves...
Length: 14 minutes

Sex Slave Interview

mp4 372.67 MB

So, you want to fuck me? You want to serve me sexually, please me and be a film slave? Let's see what you've got to offer. Let's see if you measure up.
Length: 12 minutes

Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock

mp4 317.44 MB

A sex slave applicant with a VERY large cock thinks that he'll be perfect for me because everyone knows that I love big cocks...unfortunately for him, his freaky cock is too big! He should be an attraction at a carnival, fucking freak show. Obviously his MILF must have bred with a H0RSE! Not only that, his body is unattractive. I would never fuck him. I decide to toy with him to see if he would still make a good film slave... but he has no self control and starts to ejaculate without permission! My tiny, leather gloved hand is just too much for him! I ruin his orgasm and immediately make him lick the few blobs of spunk that escaped off of the ground (100% real, filthy dirt encouraged cum eating).
Length: 11 minutes

Bitch Boss Controls You

mp4 94.58 MB

If you fantasize about your sexy, FemDom boss giving you orders and treating you like a slug you like this...if you're into feet, nylons/pantyhose/boots/leather/foot sniffing/scent fetish...even better.
Length: 11 minutes

Leather Clad Handjob-CFNM

mp4 221.91 MB

If you like LEATHER & HANDJOBS, you'll like this vid. There is no talking or storyline. It is set to music, if you don't like the music, turn the volume off and/or play your own music. Lots of leather eye candy + a hot handjob. Also great for fans of CFNM (clothed female naked male).
Length: 7 minutes

Sex Slave PreParty Milking

mp4 245.57 MB

This is a visually decadent LEATHER GLOVE HANDJOB vid...WITH shiny cloths & rubber/latex. The story line is deliciously hot...my trained sex slave will be expected to perform all evening, pleasuring all of my high society female friends...bored wives of rich men who come to my parties for sexual relief & debauchery. He is milked to ensure he doesn't have any accidents. These women are interested in a hard cock that stays hard all evening, not his spunk.
Length: 8 minutes

Leg Fucker

mp4 315.66 MB

Are you a leg man? A pantyhose fetishist? Thigh fucker? Foot lover? Ass worshiper? Do you like black leather opera length gloves? Any or all of the above? If so your dick may already be getting hard so click 'buy now' and get your rocks off.
Length: 11 minutes

Cruel But Irresistible

mp4 347.34 MB

WARNING: This is a very MEAN POV vid. I'm giving a handjob in beautiful opera length black leather gloves...but I'm talking to YOU the viewer and I'm being a fucking bitch. I guess I was in a bad mood when I filmed this (In Florence, Italy in case you're curious) and I spend most of the film making fun of you and telling you that you'll never know how it feels to be this close to me. The comments are personal and cutting, intensely cruel. You can turn the volume off and just enjoy the visual feast of me giving a handjob in gorgeous gloves or hell, turn the volume up and cry yourself to dreamland tonight. You've been warned. POV HUMILIATION & DEGRADATION
Length: 12 minutes