Mouth Fetish


wmv 207.12 MB

I had a request awhile ago for a biting it is, sort of custom but with my own twist as always. You would like this clip if you're into the following: biting (of course), teeth, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, spitting, female domination,'s sensual, erotic and playful. It was our first time experimenting with hard biting and we both really liked it. Yes, I bite his cock and balls too: grrrrr!
Length: 6 minutes

Ignored By Kissing Lovers

wmv 356.9 MB

This clip might float your boat if you're into any of the following: MOUTH FETISH, LIPSTICK FETISH, JEANS FETISH, CUCKOLDING, FOOT FETISH, ENCOURAGED BI, KISSING or BEING IGNORED. ~ This clip contains mostly romantic, passionate, deep kissing...first without lipstick and then after a close-up of lipstick application, more messy kissing. Lots of great shots of the soles of our feet and a few hot shots of my ass in tight jeans.
Length: 10 minutes

You Need MILF

wmv 213.68 MB

Samantha! I know you need more of this beautiful, busty glam Goddess. This clip features lots of BABYTALK...breastfeeding talk and a masturbation instruction. MILF spoon feeds you her pussy juices too as a special treat. Head-to-toe MILF makes you swoon and you get great close-up views of her mouth, breasts, strong legs and sexy feet in those slutty shoes. (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, MOUTH FETISH, SHOE FETISH, FOOT FETISH, BABY TALK, BREAST FEEDING, BIG TITS, LEG FETISH, POV, MILF)
Length: 6 minutes

Lip Service

wmv 301.9 MB

This clip was made by request from a mouth/lip fetishist. It's a masturbation instruction clip focused only on my mouth. Similar to "Face Off". Sensual and commanding.