Dirty Feet and Ballet Flats

wmv 165.24 MB

I get more mail about these old, well-worn ballet flats than any other shoe. I guess you can't fake how worn out they are and you know they must smell intense. In this clip I simply tease & torment you with them, exploiting your weakness. Brat girl foot humiliation and domination.
Length: 4 minutes

Big Night For Chastity Cuckold

wmv 438.62 MB

It's a big night for you! Noooo, you won't be coming out with us tonight. You'll be staying home, locked in chastity while we go out with your credit card and cash for a night on the town. I do have special plans for you though: you'll sit in front of the computer and watch hours of video's of us fucking while locked in chastity. Maybe when we get home you'll be allowed to jerk off, but only if you do something humiliating to amuse us. - - - - NOTE: This video is best enjoyed if you have several of my cuckolding vids to watch between part 1 (before we go out) and part 2 (when we come home) to really give the feeling of sitting in chastity alone waiting for me to come home and unlock you. Part 1 & part 2 are both in this video. In the 2nd part we come home and make out in front of you. I unlock you and let you jerk off on the condition that you lick my boyfriends feet while I compare your small dick to my boyfriends thick man meat. Serious HUMILIATION.
Length: 12 minutes

Cucks Last Fuck

wmv 709.96 MB

I confront you, my cuckold husband, about your fleshlight (fake pussy masturbation toy). Did you think you could hide this from me? Is this your way of trying to make up for not being allowed to fuck MY pussy anymore? I'm going to let you feel the inside of my pussy one last time...but with a couple of twists: #1. I let you get a good look at my tiny, pretty pussy BEFORE fucking. See how tight it looks? #2. I use the fleshlight on you then MY PUSSY to show you the difference. Your sex toy will never take the place of MY pussy! #3. I make you watch my boyfriend stretch my pussy with that thick man meat...and after he blows a nice big load of cum inside my pussy...#4. I make you fuck my stretched out, cum filled pussy (I want you to feel the difference before and after the huge cock. I want you to feel how inadequate your small dick is.) #5. Clean up time! Lick up that cream pie, your cum and his cum. - - - This video combines POV fucking, voyeurism and cream pie clean up with lots of great sex scenes and a very powerful psychological mind fuck. HIGH humiliation, degradation and demoralization. This is a MUST-HAVE for all cuckolds. Even better if you have a masturbation toy to use while watching.
Length: 19 minutes

Encouraged Bi Mind Fuck

wmv 389.37 MB

Closet homo's & secret fags-in-denial! Welcome to your most vivid, painful mind fuck! You're already slobbering over that big hard cock in the image and probably telling yourself the same old lie: "If a Dominant, controlling woman ENCOURAGED me to suck cock, I'd do it" . Come on. Okay, whatever gets you through the night. Whether you've come to terms with your bisexuality or not, this clip will fuck with your mind. It has the BEST cum shot (POV facial) scene we've ever done. Un-fucking-believable. You will swear you've got that hot cum all over your slutty little face. (GREAT for CUCKOLDS too! CUM EATING INSTRUCTION...If you are NOT into encouraged bi you could just turn the volume off and it would be an incredible HANDJOB vid.)
Length: 11 minutes

Black Cock

wmv 242.98 MB

I have bad news for you cuckie. Although I've been fucking around on you for awhile (and you know that) I've decided that I'm only going to fuck black men from now on. Their thick, superior cocks put your little noodle to shame. Black men are better lovers, they really know how to provide a solid pounding. It's time for you to get used to seeing a lot of black cock in our bedroom. Today you're going to practice sucking black cock and taking it in the ass. That's right: you're going to service those black cocks for me too. You're going to learn to be a perfect cock sucker so you can prepare those cocks for my pussy...get them nice and hard for me. You're going to learn to take that huge member in your ass so you FEEL what it's like to be stretched and filled by a REAL man's cock. I want you to be painfully aware of how inadequate your worthless white nub is. I'm going to let those black men cum in my pussy and get me pregnant so the whole world can see my little half black baby and know that you couldn't satisfy me in the bedroom. Won't that be humiliating for you? Now get sucking, you're going to need a lot of practice.
Length: 7 minutes

Flip Flops and Lubed Up Feet

wmv 307.36 MB

Whether you're into flip flops or oily, shiny sexy feet this is a great jerk off clip.
Length: 8 minutes

Bedtime Story: Confess To MILF

wmv 512.56 MB

This is a new, unique INTERACTIVE clip for adult MILF boys and MILF lovers. I read you a bedtime story about a boarding school for boys. I then lead you in a masturbation instruction while you confess your secrets to me. I am a firm, strict but loving MILF in this clip. You are not given permission to cum until you have confessed all to me. POV style I ask you questions and pause while I listen to your answers, then prompt you to continue. You will enjoy this clip more if you actually answer me out loud and actively follow my instruction.
Length: 14 minutes

MILFs Cocksucking Lesson 4

wmv 696.98 MB

"You're going to be the best cocksucker ever!" Exclaims MILF Dearest as she carefully instructs you on all the fine points of superior cocksucking & ball-licking-sucking (BLS). You'll make MILF lots of money when you're fully trained...not that you mind practicing with sexy MILF...(There's SO much to learn, from teasing and working up the cock to using your hand and mouth together, as well as learning to LOVE the taste of cum this mega-hot instructional vid ended up being almost 20 minutes! Oh well, I priced it a few dollars lower to lubricate your choice. Start downloading and get sucking boy!)
Length: 19 minutes

Public POV Pussy and Boot Worship

wmv 146.6 MB

True fans know how much of a thrill I get out of public play. Imagine you are beneath me in this authentic public scene...worshiping my boots and getting under my skirt...people walking by, looking at you being the perfect submissive slut...witnesses to your deep servitude and perversion...imagine how hot that would be? To have the taste of my sweet pussy in your mouth, knowing other people are watching you...
Length: 4 minutes

Ass and Pussy Worship Double Feature

wmv 196.06 MB

Whether you enjoy just solo POV ass worship OR scenes with a slave this unique clip has it all: PUBLIC pussy & ass worship with nude face sitting in a limo on display at the Taboo Sex Show (trade show for adult products and services). You hear people walking by, seeing us in the limo and commenting. Very hot.
Length: 5 minutes