Focus On My Feet

wmv 291.21 MB

A shoe & foot lovers jerk off dream. French pedicured toes. I know you love feet, but can you focus on them while trying to NOT look up my skirt??? Challenge!
Length: 8 minutes

Candid Foot and Shoe Fetish Humiliation

wmv 295.4 MB

Samantha and I have a candid chat about guys with shoe and foot fetishes. We give you enough eye candy to jerk off to...but this is a heavy humiliation clip too. (If you're not into humiliation you can just turn the volume down, there's plenty to see.)
Length: 8 minutes

Dangling Divine

wmv 308.59 MB

This is a custom clip for a shoe dangling fan. It contains everything dangling fans love, including slow toe by toe popping out of the shoe, feet rubbing, some ignoring (not noticing you perving on my dangling) and some speaking directly to you about your perving. Of course lots and lots of dangling, some shoe dropping and bare soles. Different angles and all shot in vivid HD. Happy wanking dangle fans. Shoe and foot fetishists will probably enjoy this too.
Length: 9 minutes

I Love Ariel

wmv 328.31 MB

I Love Ariel
Get on your knees for this superior Goddess as she puts a spell on you with her feminine teasing. HOT.
Length: 9 minutes

MILF Of The Year

wmv 516.6 MB

2 cum shots! Sexy MILF allows her grown MILF's boy to watch her make love to her boyfriend..while sniffing her dirty pantyhose. She let's him play with himself but he can't cum until the end. After she teases him to the brink of explosion, makes him lick her lovers cum off the bottoms of her shoes AND clean up the creampie. Then he's finally allowed to jerk off on her shoes...and lick it all up after, of course.
Length: 14 minutes

Shoe And Foot Cleaner

wmv 175.15 MB

This is a real fan who came to Vancouver for the weekend to serve as my foot slave, toilet bitch and cuckold. He mentioned once that he didn't even care if my feet or shoes were after being out for the evening, walking around and dirtying up my shoes and feet I make him clean them, perfectly. They might have been more dirty than he had bargained for *wink*.
Length: 5 minutes

New Slave Interview

wmv 423.35 MB

New Slave Interview
How many of you wankers dream about meeting me in person...serving me and perhaps becoming my film slave? Just the thought probably gives you a stiffy. Watch as I interview a film slave hopeful and enjoy his awkward nervousness. See how I humiliate him and toy with him and see how pathetically horny he gets. Dork.
Length: 12 minutes

You Need MILF

wmv 213.68 MB

Samantha! I know you need more of this beautiful, busty glam Goddess. This clip features lots of BABYTALK...breastfeeding talk and a masturbation instruction. MILF spoon feeds you her pussy juices too as a special treat. Head-to-toe MILF makes you swoon and you get great close-up views of her mouth, breasts, strong legs and sexy feet in those slutty shoes. (MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, MOUTH FETISH, SHOE FETISH, FOOT FETISH, BABY TALK, BREAST FEEDING, BIG TITS, LEG FETISH, POV, MILF)
Length: 6 minutes