New Slave Tested & Milked

mp4 300.19 MB

Nikki & I enjoy a new plaything. This one confessed a fetish for smothering & scissoring. I'm more interested in testing him out as a sex slave. I sensually manipulate his cock to see how it erect it gets, how long it takes him to ejaculate and how much he ejaculates. This is a prolonged tease vid with bondage, facesitting, smothering (HOM/hand-over-mouth with gloves & ass smothering), scissoring & a sensual handjob with cum shot.

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Length: 10 minutes

Duo Glove S*** and Milking 2

wmv 275.96 MB

This first "Duo Glove Smother and Milking" was one of my best sellers so we decided to do another one. It's time for my slaves monthly milking. I don't want him to enjoy it too much so Samantha smothers him, keeping him on the edge of passing out while I stroke his rock hard cock with my leather gloves. He takes too long to cum so I punish him by continuing to stroke his sensitive cock after he comes while he freaks out and we laugh at his suffering.
Length: 8 minutes

Human Furniture

wmv 302.13 MB

Do you feel more like a seat cushion than a person? Foot stool? Mattress? Just a piece of furniture? A hopefully useful or amusing object? Do you feel like your face was designed to fit a womans intimate curves perfectly? Like a puzzle? To have a woman sit on your breath in her unique feminine have her take your breath objectified, amuse me: Download this clip.
Length: 7 minutes