MILF Is The Best Teacher

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A patient, loving MILF takes her time teaching her boy about the birds & the bees. She wants to ensure he learns to be a good lover. He needs to learn about a woman's body, about ORGASM CONTROL, etc. He needs to learn to cum from a lighter touch, to take his time, to EDGE himself...these things can't be rushed so enjoy this longer interaction with lots of velvety verbals & breathtaking visuals.
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Length: 29 minutes

Auntie & MILF's Groin Relief

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MILF's boy seems to have slightly hurt his groin muscle. Auntie & MILF insist on examining the area & applying the appropriate salve. The next problem that 'pops' up Auntie & MILF also know how to deal with...they'll get the swelling down & have junior sorted out in short order. (Firm but loving sensual HJ with Fam FANTASY) (Click to see more of Lady Nina Birch)
Length: 10 minutes

MILF Plays with Sons Friend

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You are my boy, watching me play with your friend. How humiliating for you! You have a crush on your own hot MILF but your penis is too small for MILF. I enjoy exploring his big cock and talk about fucking him...imagine, being CUCKOLDED and HUMILIATED by your own MILF! When he cums you have to eat it all better get used to the taste as next time you'll be cleaning it out of MILF's pussy!
Length: 11 minutes

MILF Punishes Sons Balls

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Sometimes a boy needs to learn a lesson and loving but strict sexy MILF knows how to leave an impression.
Length: 15 minutes

MILF's Strict Birth Control

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To prevent my boy from getting a girl pregnant I empty his balls just before his date (HANDJOB). He finds this very humiliating and resists but I'm insistent. He is further humiliated later when he can't get erect for his hot date ... (a brief cameo appearance by Lexi Sindel)
Length: 9 minutes

MILFs Little Closet Peeker

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My naughty, perverted boy has been hiding in the closet, watching me undress. His little erect pecker sticking out has given him away though. Tsk tsk. I tease him about it and then decide I better help him get rid of it before the babysitter gets here. I stroke it with MILF's expert hands...I tease him with my body and coax him along with my soothing voice, encouraging him to cum for MILF...
Length: 7 minutes