Strap on

Training My Lesbian Cuckold

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My girlfriend is great but she isn't enough for me. I've decided to add men into our sex life & I need to train her to take cock as well. She's never had a penis inside of her so I train her with my strap-on. She's so devoted to me she'll do what ever I tell her to. I am especially turned on by black men so I encourage her to cum while looking at black cock to get used to having guys around. I find the idea of making my lesbian girlfriend fuck men for me very arousing. (Click to see more of Cheyenne Jewel)
Length: 13 minutes

Double Monster Cock Spit Roast

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Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion joins me for a good ol' fashioned double ass pounding! We use our HUGE cocks to stretch & abuse both of the slaves holes...going ass-to-mouth making him suck his own ass juices off of our lady cocks! (Click to see more of Sidonia Von Bork)
Length: 8 minutes

Ass To Mouth Spit Roast

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Domina Snow & I degrade & humiliate this slave...fucking him with HUGE strap-on's in the ass & mouth...then making him suck his own ass juice off of the cocks!
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Length: 8 minutes

Huge Strap-on Ass Fucking

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Who doesn't love BIG cocks? This vid has a few minutes of solo POV (point-of-view) action before I give the slave a proper seeing to...
Length: 8 minutes

Cocksucking Training

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Nikki Whiplash & I train this young slave to suck cock and eat cum, telling him about our plans to whore his mouth out... (Click to go to Nikki Whiplash's Site!)
Length: 9 minutes

Nurse AssRams Pervert

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HUGE STRAP-ON ASS FUCKING with MEAN VERBALS. This pervert comes into the medical office every couple of months for a PROSTATE exam. He's always jerking his horny dick & being a creep around the nurse's. He's only had 1 finger in his ass so the nurse decides to teach him a lesson he won't forget and throws a HUGE DILDO in his ass with NO WARM-UP at all. She pounds his ass mercilessly, stretching & punishing it...all the while lashing out verbally to ensure he never comes back to bother the nurse's again.
Length: 7 minutes

Bitch Boss Makes You Suck Cock

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So, you've been mouthing off around the office about the new female boss? You have some kind of chip on your shoulder about working for a woman? Well, it's a tough job market and you're about to get sacked for having a big mouth. You're about to learn just how much of a bitch your new boss is. She tells you that you can keep your job only if you get on your knees and stuff that big mouth of yours full of cock. That's right. You want to work for a man so badly? If she were a man you would have to really suck up to keep your job so you might as well get sucking'll be humiliated like this every day from now on so you learn your place in the company and that is BELOW your lady boss!
Length: 7 minutes

DP'd by Trannie & Princess

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This slave becomes AIR TIGHT as we plug both holes in a great DP (Double Penetration) scene. The lovely T-Girl Mistress Z fucking his face and me in the back with my strap-on.
Length: 6 minutes