Cum Eating

Cuckolded Slave & Fuck Toy

mp4 443.81 MB

FEMDOM CUCKOLDING! This is another one of those very rare CREAMPIE vids! I use one slave for my sexual pleasure (well-hung fuck toy) while the other slave is used as a fluffer (cocksucker) & creampie cleaner. I also enjoy humiliating him & degrading him, teasing & taunting him, denying him.
Length: 15 minutes

Cuckolds Exposure

mp4 743.64 MB

This is a MUST-HAVE for your cuckolding collection! I married this old, limp-dicked dork for his money. I've never had sex with him & have been slowly getting him used to being a cuckold by making him lick my pussy when it's full of other men's cum. Today I take things to the next level: I make him suck cock, watch me fuck another man AND make him clean the cum from my ass & pussy! I video tape it to use as blackmail later. I threaten him with exposure to make him compliant. If I were to show this video to his coworkers, Fam or people at the church...well, his life would be over! Besides, he loves me & would do anything to ensure I don't divorce him. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. He's so pussy whipped!
Length: 25 minutes

Denied Cuckold Slave

mp4 213.3 MB

Tied down in my dungeon, my cuckold slave waits to do his duty: to clean my pussy & ass after I've been fucking my lovers. I occasionally give him release but find he's more efficient if he's kept in a state of desperation.
Length: 7 minutes

Creampie For Cuck

mp4 344.63 MB

MESSY CREAMPIE CLEAN-UP ENDING...but before that, watch me humiliate and degrade my worthless, small-dicked husband...making him watch me enjoy my younger, hotter, well-hung stud. I want him to see another man fucking his wife, pleasuring me in ways that he never could.
Length: 11 minutes

Chastity Slaves Suffering Part 2

wmv 452.75 MB

My poor chastity slave's suffering continues in this video. Since he can't take a good ballbusting he'll have to take something else. I make him watch me getting fucked by my boyfriend. This is painful for him because he so badly wants to fuck me, but is always denied. He so badly wants to worship my feet but I make him wait, taunting him making him do one more thing before he gets his reward (my feet). I know his biggest fear is being gay...and eating cum is pretty 'gay'. So I make him eat the cream pie.
Length: 12 minutes

Clean Up Dream Come True

wmv 490.56 MB

The slave is a regular guy just like you, a fan of my vids who paid big bucks to have his fantasy fulfilled and made into a video so he could relive it over and over. (Being my cuckold husband and being encouraged to eat the cream pie) Now you get to live vicariously through him.
Length: 13 minutes

Cruel Surprise Part 3 Cum Eating Cuckold

wmv 509.11 MB

This is the grand and I do mean GRAND finale. This clip starts with my 'boyfriends' POV (point-of-view) laying on the floor face up, still tied to the chair while I suck and fuck my lovers cock right over his face. You see a bit of the cum shot but most of that cum gets pumped deep into my pussy where it drips out onto my 'boyfriends' face before I lower myself down to his reluctant mouth. He's a slave to my pussy though and he'll take it any way he can get it. I sit full weight on his face as he cleans my pussy. Excellent camera angles, both wide and tight allow you to see that my full weight is on his face AND you can see his tongue lapping away at my messy pussy. I then continue the brainwashing by jerking him off only allowing him to cum if he promises to eat up every drop of his own cum...which he does. He IS my cuckold now, like it or not but I add insult to injury by washing the cum off his face with a golden shower, which he also has to swallow.
Length: 15 minutes

Suspended Cuck Ass Licker

wmv 192.37 MB

Bound and suspended so that his only useful body part is at my disposal: his tongue. "Your tongue belongs to me. Your job is to service my asshole. That's all you're good for..." Amazing view of the pathetic cuck licking my asshole while my lovers huge cock fills my little pussy. Of course the hungry cum eater licks my lovers cum off of my stomach at the end. Loser.
Length: 5 minutes

Mattress Husband Part 2

wmv 297.36 MB

The messy conclusion to Mattress Husband Part 1. This clip contains more fucking on the cuckolds face, more great angles and then an incredible scene with lots of sexy verbals and an unbelievably huge cum shot facial on the cuck. He then sucks the cum off of my fingers while we laugh at him. Remember, he's still in chastity and tied to the bed. Hot.
Length: 8 minutes

Gimp Cum Funnel Game

wmv 327.82 MB

It's Gimp Games Night! My girlfriend comes over to watch and film my lover and I playing a game of 'Gimp Cum Funnel'. I jerk off that huge cock and try to aim his load as close to the narrow part of the funnel as possible. The gimp's mouth is held open with a device to make sure he swallows every drop. Fun!
Length: 9 minutes