MILF's Resting Boy 2

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Sexy MILF finds her boy resting deeply in the back yard after having too much wine. She decides to teach him a lesson about making himself so vulnerable. It seems like a dream to him as his hot MILF takes advantage of him...he'll wonder whether it was real or just his imagination...
Length: 5 minutes

Humiliated Sissy boy

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Sidonia & Amica join me to see my boy off to his first day of school as a GIRL. I've always wanted a daughter so I decide to dress him up in something pretty. Before his big day we decide to milk him so he won't get an embarrassing bulge under his skirt. Can you imagine, being dressed like that in front of MILF'S pretty friends, then exposed and jerked to release?! How humiliating! (See more of Sidonia Von Bork from The English Mansion here: The English Mansion ) ~~~ (See more of Amica Bentley here: KinkyDirtyBitch)
Length: 6 minutes

MILF Punishes Sons Balls

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Sometimes a boy needs to learn a lesson and loving but strict sexy MILF knows how to leave an impression.
Length: 15 minutes

MILF's Resting Boy - (MILF/boy Sex)

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Hot, horny MILF crawls into bed with her boy who is resting naked. She sees what a big boy he's grown to be...he's much bigger than his Pa...she decides to have her way with him. Slow, sensual sex with lots of warm reassurance from MILF dearest. This will be their little secret...
Length: 8 minutes

MILFs Little Closet Peeker

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My naughty, perverted boy has been hiding in the closet, watching me undress. His little erect pecker sticking out has given him away though. Tsk tsk. I tease him about it and then decide I better help him get rid of it before the babysitter gets here. I stroke it with MILF's expert hands...I tease him with my body and coax him along with my soothing voice, encouraging him to cum for MILF...
Length: 7 minutes

Watch MILF

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Your training continues as MILF Dearest teaches you about the birds & the bees. Tonight you are going to watch MILF with her boyfriend to learn more. You'll be expected to practice what you've already learned including pussy/ass licking to get MILF warmed up for that BIG cock...as well as a little cocksucking (ENCOURAGED BI) as you must learn to be orally skilled no matter the task. You'll also be expected to clean up the cum after to earn a special reward. Features: FUCKING/full intercourse + CEI/Cum Eating Instruction. See MILFs's creamy, horny pussy ride that big cock! This is done in a M0therly, loving, kinky style with very light humiliation (a little small penis humiliation/SPH) & sensual FemDom.
Length: 12 minutes

MILFs Pussy Preparation Test

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My boyfriend is on his way over so it's time for you to practice what I've taught you: lick my pussy & get it ready for my boyfriends thick cock! You know MILF loves you & that's why I'm training you to be good with your mouth. You'll never please a woman with that little thing. I know you don't like sucking cock but you have to learn that too. MILF's boyfriend is rough with you, slamming his cock down your throat and making you choke, so you better do a good job on my pussy or I'll make you suck cock too! If you do well I'll reward you, maybe let you watch us fuck and/or let you lick up the creampie after...this is a test, you better not disappoint me!
Length: 7 minutes

Cum For MILFs Friend

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Featuring my very good friend Samantha Mack! (Samantha's clip store: http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36796) Samantha & I tease my boy after catching him playing with himself. We encourage him to continue and show us how much he can cum for us. I tug & twist his balls reminding him that he has to suffer a little to earn his pleasure. I tease him about having a crush on Samantha and humiliate him by telling her that I caught him sniffing her dirty socks one day. She puts her feet right on his face and he blows his little load!
Length: 11 minutes

MILF Uses boy For Her Pleasure

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This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my MILF's boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I'm training my boy to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our boy! Filthy dirty Fam fantasy! ~~~ On another note, if you haven't checked out my blog, you really should...: MistressT.wordpress.com
Length: 18 minutes

MILFs Cocksucking Lesson 5

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MILF has a new boyfriend so it's time for you to continue your cocksucking training on a different cock. This one is thicker so you're going to be challenged. You're also going to be expected to start training your ass to take cocks so get your toy and lube ready that MILF got for you. Watch how MILF gives oral pleasure first, then you do it WITH MILF...our tongues meeting as we both lick that cock & balls. Then you practice. MILFs boyfriend will let me know if you're doing a good job so work hard! Now, while we watch you and instruct you, lube up your ass toy and slide it in. Practice taking it in the ass while sucking cock and jerking off, you'll need to learn how to do all of this when I pimp you out...you'll also need to get used to sucking cocks AFTER they've been in your ass so you'll be doing ASS-TO-MOUTH too...if you had a bigger penis and could please women you wouldn't have to be turned into a little faggot whore...but your penis is a disappointment so this is how it has to be...
Length: 14 minutes