Foot Domination

Cuckold Foot Licker

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Custom vid: (no name mentioned) Your boss & your wife cuckold you & tell you what your life as their cuckold is going to be like from now on. You'll be their foot licker all the time & worship BOTH of their feet...when they get back from the gym, at the beach, at restaurants, etc. Of course, you'll lick their feet while their having sex! You'll still work hard but hand ALL your money over to them to spend on a lavish lifestyle of luxurious vacations, spa days, fine dining, etc. You'll also be put on a diet of junk food to fatten you up & make you even uglier while they go to the gym & gt even sexier. Your life of humiliation begins now.
Length: 7 minutes

Lick His Black Feet

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You've spent enough time worshiping his Big Black it's time to degrade yourself even further & worship the lowest part of him: his feet! You'll even have to eat his clipped toes nails! You'll do this, oh yes you will...because the reward at the end is my tiny, perfect feet. You'll lick his feet to get to'll endure a real man laughing at you, the stud who gets to fuck me, just for the opportunity to lick my feet. Admit it, this kind of twisted, extreme humiliation actually makes your dick hard, doesn't it? Sick fuck.
Length: 13 minutes

Foot Freak Below Me

mp4 432.08 MB

For foot lovers!
Length: 14 minutes

Humiliated At My Feet

mp4 297.05 MB

You'll be humiliated & treated with disdain as you kneel at my feet, begging to worship them. I talk to my friend (just out of camera view) about how to treat old, ugly slaves like you. About how you're only use is to serve my feet, the lowest part of me. I'll only acknowledge you to point out that you look like you're on the verge of tears & that I love to see how much you suffer for me.
Length: 10 minutes

Hand Humper Cuckie

wmv 248.55 MB

I just finished fucking my lover. My pussy is well fucked, filled with cum, stretched by that huge cock. Your place is kneeling beside the bed, watching and waiting for your time to clean up. My cum-eating little cuckold. You efficiently lick up that cum from my tits, pussy, ass, my lovers cock...where ever. Locked up in chastity most of the time, not being permitted orgasms. I will never fuck you again. I will never suck your worthless dick. You have been very obedient lately though so you've earned some reward. You can lick my feet and look at me while you jerk off. You'll just be a little hand humper for the rest of your life.
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 5

wmv 124.69 MB

Jasmine & Ariel team up to toy with a lucky slave. This clip features very sexy shoes-on-cock & bare foot-on-cock action + cock & ball rope bondage. Light CBT, lots of teasing and face sitting!

Footjob Jerk Off Clip

wmv 193.25 MB

A visual feast to satisfy those who prefer to see just me AND those who love to see a hard cock between my feet. This clip has both. Sensual, soft verbals, sexy lingerie and lots of incredible views of my delightful size 4 feet. Foot lovers will want this one for their collection for sure.
Length: 5 minutes

Foot Fucker POV

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Foot Fucker POV
Fans of the clip "Drunk Loose Assed Foot Fucker" clip will enjoy this POV version. I tell you about how I'm going to stretch out your hole, bit by bit until I can fit my whole foot in your ass. Enhance your enjoyment by actually fucking yourself in the ass along with my instructions and actions. Features a 'condom sock and green nail polish'...also shiny clothing.
Length: 4 minutes

Shoe And Foot Cleaner

wmv 175.15 MB

This is a real fan who came to Vancouver for the weekend to serve as my foot slave, toilet bitch and cuckold. He mentioned once that he didn't even care if my feet or shoes were after being out for the evening, walking around and dirtying up my shoes and feet I make him clean them, perfectly. They might have been more dirty than he had bargained for *wink*.
Length: 5 minutes

Babysitter Blackmails Part 1

wmv 249.77 MB

The first part of an amazing 6 part series. Each clip will focus on different fetishes as the babysitter blackmails and toys with Mr. Johnson. She reveals dirty magazines and BDSM implements found under the sofa and threatens to tell his wife and people at the church about his perversions.The first clip sets the story line and features encouraged sock smelling and foot worship. * I used to be a babysitter in my early teens and often masturbated fantasizing about seducing and controlling the married men who I worked for. Babysitters are the forbidden fruit, I have no doubt many of them jerked off thinking about very similar fantasies. This series is very personal to me so I think you'll find it very authentic feeling, naughty and powerful wank material. Enjoy! *