Foot Worship

Ceara Lynch And I Abuse You

mp4 292.29 MB

Humiliation & abuse from Ceara & I! Think you can handle it? (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch:
Length: 10 minutes

MILF's Special Foot Boy

mp4 315.42 MB

Custom vid...I come home from work and tell you to rub my feet. I notice this arouses you and start to tease you about your foot fetish. I tell you that your F***** could walk in any moment and what would he think of you! I let you worship my feet as I tell you about running into your ex & about how happy she is with her new boyfriend. I confide that she seems very sexually satisfied & that must really hurt your feelings since she dumped you for having a small penis. I encourage you to stroke your little dick while licking my feet, gently teasing & humiliating you...
Length: 10 minutes

Footjob Fetish

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This is a hot footjob vid. If you like to see a cock jerked off with feet...and cum on'll love this!
Length: 13 minutes

Jerk For Me Foot Lover

mp4 279.47 MB

Below me, at my feet...that's where you ache to be. This is a sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for lovers of feet...or just any fan of me, Mistress T.
Length: 9 minutes

Your Ex Is Happy

mp4 334.72 MB

Custom vid: I tell you, my boy Johnathon, to rub my feet. I then tell you that I ran into your ex, Katie & that she's just married a great guy & she's really happy. I can tell this makes you sad so I encourage you to stroke your "little peeps" while you worship my feet, to make you feel better. I go on to tell you that your ex had just returned from her honeymoon & I could tell by the sparkle in her eye that she had had lots of great sex. A woman can tell when another woman is being sexually satisfied. I explain that you could never make her feel that way because your penis is too small. I gently tease you about still being single, living at home with me while your ex is having a great life with a real man who probably has a much bigger cock, a better job, etc. I encourage you to cum while kissing my toes, reminding you that your place is kneeling before me, at my feet.
Length: 11 minutes

Bust Your Balls For Boss

mp4 412.11 MB

You've been invited to your hot boss's house thinking that you might get a little action. She has slightly different plans for you though. After reminding you how lucky you are to be employed & telling you that you'll have to follow orders to keep your job...she makes you strip & expose yourself in front of her...she then teases you, telling you to get your dick hard for her...she has you stroke your dick while also punching & slapping your own balls for her amusement. Eventually you're instructed & seduced into cumming even with your poor balls aching... (Featuring: LOTS of ASS worship, a little stocking-covered foot worship/sniffing, sensual Domination & teasing...with actually just a little self ball busting if you aren't actually into smacking your own balls this is still a fantastic FEMDOM JERK OFF INSTRUCTION.)
Length: 14 minutes

Crazy Public Worship

wmv 129 MB

Why is it crazy? We were in public! 2 different scenes from 2 different nightclubs. Mostly ass worship with some foot and shoe worship. Hot and risky: thrilling! How many times have you fantasized about a hot girl in a bar 'encouraging' you to worship her ass or feet? Yeah, I thought so.
Length: 4 minutes

Seduced and Trapped

mp4 303.54 MB

You have broken into my home to rob me. You need the combination to my safe. I calmly & slowly seduce you with my feet. I encourage you to lick them while you jerk off. My voice is so soothing you can't resist. After you cum things start to feel a little woozy... (This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with FOOT WORSHIP...with a good story line,)
Length: 10 minutes

Humiliating The Foot Bitch

mp4 272.63 MB

Meggerz & I have fun teasing & degrading this little foot bitch. It gets pretty extreme...that's all I'm saying. *smile* (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 9 minutes

Double Foot Torment

mp4 383.84 MB

Lexi Sindel & I work over this little foot slut. He gets teased by us, edged, tormented...until we finally let him cum...but he has to eat all that mess up! (Click to see more of Lexi Sindel)
Length: 13 minutes