Can You Last?

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This is a test. How much orgasm control do you have? Feeling lucky? Go on, stroke as per my instructions while I tease you with my Goddess body & killer thigh-high the game...see if you can last until the end.
Length: 13 minutes

Purple Rubber Glove HJ

mp4 379.24 MB

A sensual hand job with sexy purple, opera length rubber/latex gloves...a nice BIG cock & an epic cum shot!
Length: 13 minutes

Facesit Handjob

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Me naked, sitting on a slaves face while milking his cock: heaven. *smile*
Length: 4 minutes

Give Me Your Cum

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You come across an enchanting wood nymph in the forest...entranced, you are encouraged to touch yourself...but soon it is clear that you are under her spell & you'll give her your cum, whether you want to or not...
Length: 6 minutes

Underwater Sexy Time

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This is a sexy feast for the gorgeous body underwater...a very cool underwater cumshot (2 CUMSHOTS actually: from far away & close up!)...great for VOYEURS, CUCKOLDS or HANDJOB fans. NOTE: It's underwater, so obviously there's no audio. I chose to not add cheesy music but encourage you to listen to your own favorite music while watching...a great vid if your wife is asleep in the next room: shhh! *smile*
Length: 12 minutes