Lucky To Be At Our Feet

mp4 193.45 MB

You are very lucky to be kneeling at our feet, close enough to sniff, kiss, lick, suck and worship our superior feet. Samantha's gorgeous size 8's with bright pink nails and my tiny size 4 feet with nearly black nail polish. (Click to go to Goddess Samantha's clips store)
Length: 6 minutes

Red Pantyhose and Stocking Brainwash

mp4 367.92 MB

This is a sensual vid that will deepen your lust for stocking/pantyhose/tights/nylons/hosiery and deepen your addiction to ME! Lots of gorgeous visuals combine solo, intimate moments with just me as well as sexy POV views of me teasing your cock, seducing that as you stroke your cock in a trance-like state it will feel like it's my hand touching you. I count your down from 10 to an explosive finish that will leave you feeling positive & relaxed after you awaken.
Length: 12 minutes

Manipulated Into Cuckold Marriage

mp4 415.25 MB

Custom vid (no name mentioned). This is a fantasy about being manipulated into marrying me & becoming my cuckold. Lots of cruel verbals insulting your fat body & dick (stupid, fat, small-cocked sissy) + lots of graphic verbals describing cuckolding scenario's like me fucking other men & you cleaning up cream pies. INCLUDES A MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with COUNTDOWN (& insults with each number from 10 to 1).
Length: 15 minutes

Hotwife For BBC

mp4 418.39 MB

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). You are watching me get ready for my date. I'm excited because it will be my 1st time with a black stud & I've wanted a BBC (big black cock) for a long time. You just don't satisfy me in bed so it's time for me to find a real man who can please me. I drench myself in oil & hand you some, encouraging you to stroke your lubed up dick as I talk about the hot sex I'm going to have. I give you a count down to cum for me just before I leave for my date.
Length: 14 minutes

I Control You

mp4 465.21 MB

Mmmm, this sensually Dominant jerk off instruction sizzles! It's a custom vid for 'Chris' & although I say his name in it, you won't care. I slowly strip, teasing you while telling you to NOT stroke yet. I want your arousal to build, I want you to wait. After several excruciating minutes where you'll be white-knuckling the arms of your chair to keep from grabbing your horny cock I finally instruct you to touch yourself very lightly...the MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION continues with a slow countdown, each moment with so much eye candy you'll ache for release...your devotion to me deepening as you fall for me more than you thought possible...
Length: 16 minutes