Suffer For Her Ass

mp4 198.37 MB

ASS WORSHIP + CBT + TRAMPLING. FEMALE DOMINATION at it's finest. Feel this slaves pain as I trample him with my full weight & sharp I stomp, kick and punish his penis & balls...all just to worship my ass...(Great ass worship scenes as he suffers under my full weight!)
Length: 7 minutes

Cum Smashed Out Of Balls

mp4 265.82 MB

Ball smashing, kicking, slapping and ball abuse. Cock trampling/CBT fun! I even make him get himself off during the abuse, now that's twisted!
Length: 13 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Boot Lover

mp4 349.95 MB

This is a hot boot worship & trample scene with sexy stiletto boots...and a very ruined orgasm finish.
Length: 12 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 9

wmv 395.3 MB

This clip contains a variety of scenes. Melody trampling & face sitting. Bijou and Veronica face sitting. Multiple Goddess foot worship...and the party continues!
Length: 11 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 8

wmv 214.18 MB

This clip features a very hot scene with Veronica dominating a slave...sensually teasing and brutally trampling...heel sucking...while the party continues all around! Amazing camera angles catch the severe trampling action as well as breath-taking upskirt views/ass views.
Length: 6 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - T Cam 2

wmv 387.37 MB

More of the Goddess Party filmed from my point of view. See what I saw. Experience the party right along with me. This unique clip includes a few sub titles that give you a little more info on what you're seeing and/or what I'm thinking while filming. You can hear my voice too. During most of this clip there is a slave worshiping my boots, trying to not look up my skirt...I'm wearing crotchless pantyhose and I enjoy teasing and tormenting him with my close, yet so far...
Length: 11 minutes

Fucking On Human Carpet

wmv 185.87 MB

Imagine being below me, with that view! Steel heeled stiletto's digging into your flesh, my full weight on you...feeling me getting fucked ON YOU. Using you as an object, ignoring your suffering. Another man enjoying my pussy while all you get is the bottoms of my boots and maybe a splash of pussy juice if you're lucky....
Length: 5 minutes

Stiletto Pain and Pleasure Part 2

wmv 502.41 MB

This is an awesome clip featuring CUCKOLDING with a hot twist: PAINFUL STILETTO TRAMPLING. We fuck on top of the slave in several different positions, all painful for the slave. He should feel PAIN while I feel PLEASURE. Suffer, carpet slave. (This clip is dedicated to my original carpet slave from a few years ago. See what you're missing out on now? Ha ha.)
Length: 14 minutes

Stiletto Pain and Pleasure

wmv 291.24 MB

Razor thin stiletto's. Trampling. Sensual ballbusting. Do you like a 'little' pain with your pleasures?
Length: 8 minutes