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It's time to get down & dirty...that mouth of yours is going to do some work today...cock sucking, asshole licking & cream pie clean up. Sucking the dick that gets to fuck my Goddess pussy, lick man-ass AND slurp up his cum from my freshly fucked pussy! I know this is your ultimate fantasy but you need to be encouraged & pushed by a Dominant woman to actually go through with it...& I am VERY persuasive.

Length: 18 minutes


Virtual Ass Worship

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Settle in & look up at my breathtaking ass. Full, firm, makes you weak. I can control you with my powerful butt, just like a puppet, you'll do as I say. You want to bury your face in there, you want to taste me, you ache for it. Imagine me sitting on your face, feeling the weight of me pressing against you, my warmth, my intoxicating you think you're worthy?

Length: 9 minutes

First Time Strap-On Virgin

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. IMPORTANT: This is not a typical strap-on vid with lots of hard-core pounding action. The custom order was for an authentic first time pegging scene & that means lots of intimate, slow warm up, lots of fingering (actually edited about 20 minutes of that to just a few minutes)...there were some false starts where I put it in then had to take it back out again & I wasn't sure we would even get the scene...but in the end he's riding my dick, loving it & cumming, so we got there. It all comes off as fairly amateur & very very natural & real...because it was. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I've given an accurate description for those who like this style.

Length: 16 minutes


Good Boy Licks Man Ass

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Custom vid, the name Daveet is mentioned several time. As a loving, nurturing MILF, I want you to safely explore your sexuality. I know you've been looking at gay porn lately, specifically of men rimming each other/licking each others assholes. I want you be able to explore this new interest without the risks of hooking up with strange men on the internet or god knows what. So I'll coach you through licking my boyfriends asshole while also encouraging you to fuck your own ass with a toy. I'll have you finish with cumming on your own face & eating your own cum...because I understand & accept what a special little pervert you are.
Length: 12 minutes

Asshole Sniff Reward

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. You've been doing really well in school lately & I decide you deserve a reward. You walk in on me changing & I see the way you look at me so decide now is a good time to give you the reward. I tell you that I know you've been jerking off smelling my dirty panties from the laundry so I figure if you're that curious you'd like to smell me, right from the source. I encourage you to masturbate while sniffing my asshole. It's so naughty which makes it even more thrilling...
Length: 9 minutes

Lick Teacher

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Custom vid, no named mentioned. You're being punished for skipping class. For some reason I decide to punish you by making you lick my pussy & ass. So maybe the logic is a little shaky but if you've had a fantasy about your teacher...& you're into oral service this Jerk Off Instructional vid with lots & lots of pussy & asshole views will turn you into the model student. Sensual & slightly stern (no humiliation).
Length: 8 minutes

Worship My Oiled Ass

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The big, shiny ass makes you weak. You would love to be down on your knees with your face buried deep in my ass, sniffing, licking & worshiping...
Length: 5 minutes

Worship My Asshole

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I know you want to be buried in my ass like this lucky slave. You dream about that ass, the way it would feel, the way it would smell...the way it would taste. Jerk off while I instruct you, teasing you about your addiction to my ass...
Length: 6 minutes

Toilet Disgust

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You think the ultimate way to serve me is as my full toilet? You want to consume everything that comes out of my Goddess body? You want to serve as my toilet paper & clean my asshole after? Great, this vid is for you...but don't expect me to tell you how delighted & grateful I am. I think you're disgusting for wanting to be my toilet boy. This vid is all about making you feel even lower than you already do. Graphic toilet talk & cruel verbal degradation.
Length: 8 minutes

Butthole Fetish

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This is a custom vid for 'Scotty' & I use his name several times. If you love assholes, rosebuds, chocolate starfish's or whatever you like to call it...this vid is for you. A sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION focused on my ass.
Length: 10 minutes