Cock Sucking Slave Boy

mp4 228.72 MB

I entice my submissive young slave into sucking cock for me. He has such a nice mouth for oral service & he's so anxious to please me. I also know how to expertly exploit his weaknesses for leather gloves & leather boots...there's a delicious 'cum-on-boots' finale with him then licking up the cum...he'll have to get used to the taste of cum...with all the cocks I'll have him sucking...
Length: 8 minutes

Red Boot Fuck

mp4 238.58 MB

Sexy boot worship & boot fucking...with some ass worship. You'd probably splooge too with your face that close to my ass...
Length: 8 minutes

Boot Licking JOI

mp4 167.69 MB

NOTE: this vid has a voice-over MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, by me, Mistress T. The visual glides between solo views of me & my gorgeous designer Gianmarco Lorenzi boots & views of a slave worshiping those boots. My velvety voice guides you in a boot worship jerk off instruction/encouragement, entrancing you & seducing you to the point where you cum on my command (with countdown) AND then eat your own filth (CUM EATING INSTRUCTION). Good boy.
Length: 6 minutes

Heavily Degraded & Controlled

mp4 268.45 MB

This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION mind fuck. Lots of firm verbals instructing you to suck my strap-on after a little boot worship. Lots of degradation that will feel very personal, intimate & intense... BI themes that will leave you questioning your sexuality & feeling ashamed.
Length: 9 minutes

Eat Boot Mud

mp4 198.13 MB

Mistress Neive Harper & I use a slave as a muddy Boot Cleaner... (Click to see more of Mistress Neive Harper)
Length: 7 minutes

Humiliating MILF's Boy

mp4 321.74 MB

My small-dicked boy is a bit of a loser. He has decided he wants to be a super hero for Halloween & has picked out this ridiculous mask. I make him parade around in it in front of my sexy girlfriend & show her his unusually tiny penis. I make him worship our boots & do other humiliating tasks. Poor boy! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash)
Length: 11 minutes

Leather Boot Lust

mp4 211.73 MB

If you like HANDJOBS or LEATHER BOOTS you'll love this sensual Domination clip featuring a black slave being milked onto my gorgeous leather thigh high boots.
Length: 10 minutes

Degraded & Denied By Bitch Domme

mp4 170.03 MB

CRUEL VERBALS! For those who think that I'm soooo sweet, welcome to my other side. When I'm disgusted with a slave he knows it. I don't mince words as I degrade this worthless pig. I let him think he'll be allowed to cum as he furiously yanks his nub...but then coldly deny him, dismissing him permanently.
Length: 6 minutes

Harsh Real Humiliation

mp4 126.25 MB

This clip was filmed at the end of filming with a slave that I didn't particularly like. It's unscripted & spontaneous. I'm just really mean to him & make him do a couple things that he really doesn't want to do. Some pretty dirty things. This is candid & cruel. If you like messy cum-eating play...toilet slavery or toilet'll like this.
Length: 4 minutes

Muddy Boot Cleaning Pig

mp4 205.91 MB

Extreme FemDom & slave degradation. A naked slave in chastity & a collar is led through the mud, exposed to the elements & made to lick the caked on filthy mud from my boots...
Length: 7 minutes