Heavily Degraded & Controlled

mp4 268.45 MB

This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION mind fuck. Lots of firm verbals instructing you to suck my strap-on after a little boot worship. Lots of degradation that will feel very personal, intimate & intense... BI themes that will leave you questioning your sexuality & feeling ashamed.
Length: 9 minutes

Eat Boot Mud

mp4 198.13 MB

Mistress Neive Harper & I use a slave as a muddy Boot Cleaner... (Click to see more of Mistress Neive Harper)
Length: 7 minutes

Humiliating MILF's Boy

mp4 321.74 MB

My small-dicked boy is a bit of a loser. He has decided he wants to be a super hero for Halloween & has picked out this ridiculous mask. I make him parade around in it in front of my sexy girlfriend & show her his unusually tiny penis. I make him worship our boots & do other humiliating tasks. Poor boy! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash)
Length: 11 minutes

Leather Boot Lust

mp4 211.73 MB

If you like HANDJOBS or LEATHER BOOTS you'll love this sensual Domination clip featuring a black slave being milked onto my gorgeous leather thigh high boots.
Length: 10 minutes

Degraded & Denied By Bitch Domme

mp4 170.03 MB

CRUEL VERBALS! For those who think that I'm soooo sweet, welcome to my other side. When I'm disgusted with a slave he knows it. I don't mince words as I degrade this worthless pig. I let him think he'll be allowed to cum as he furiously yanks his nub...but then coldly deny him, dismissing him permanently.
Length: 6 minutes

Harsh Real Humiliation

mp4 126.25 MB

This clip was filmed at the end of filming with a slave that I didn't particularly like. It's unscripted & spontaneous. I'm just really mean to him & make him do a couple things that he really doesn't want to do. Some pretty dirty things. This is candid & cruel. If you like messy cum-eating play...toilet slavery or toilet'll like this.
Length: 4 minutes

Muddy Boot Cleaning Pig

mp4 205.91 MB

Extreme FemDom & slave degradation. A naked slave in chastity & a collar is led through the mud, exposed to the elements & made to lick the caked on filthy mud from my boots...
Length: 7 minutes

Sensual Shame & Humiliation

mp4 333.09 MB

This is a unique vid of extreme exposure, vulnerability, humiliation & tease. This 'slave' is the ex boyfriend-turned-slave/chastity cuckold of a very attractive natural Domina: Amai. To deepen his humiliation & to amuse me she has sent him to me to confess & to humiliate himself in one of my vids, for the whole world to see. He reluctantly tells me about the things she's done to him...& you'll want to hear about them I tease him & taunt him, you'll imagine that you are also confessing to me...
~~~ (Click to see more of Obey Amai)
Length: 12 minutes

Empty Your Balls For MILF

mp4 354.55 MB

MILF's Boys & MILF fans: drop your drawers & pj bottoms, it's time to wank for your me. I got a call from the've been caught jerking off in the bathroom AGAIN. From now on you'll masturbate in front of me every morning before you go to school so you're not so horny. I know it's humiliating doing that in front of your me...but I also know you secretly fantasize about me. You're ashamed of that, aren't you. I'll let you sniff & lick me to help you with your nervousness...
Length: 12 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Boot Lover

mp4 349.95 MB

This is a hot boot worship & trample scene with sexy stiletto boots...and a very ruined orgasm finish.
Length: 12 minutes