Religious Cuckold

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Is homosexuality against your religion? Perfect! You will suck cock for me. ---- My new husband is very religious. I met him at church, he was giving a sermon about the evils of homosexuality. I set out to turn him, pursuing him & soon marrying (because sex before marriage is a sin & he couldn't wait to consummate the relationship)...divorce is also against the church so now I have him right where I want him as I turn him into my cuckold & make him do the one thing he feels so ashamed of: sucking cock! I even make him eat the CREAMPIE!
Length: 25 minutes

Suck Black Cock White Boy

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I know how all you white boys are so desperate for me to make you suck black cock. The ultimate taboo interracial cuckold fantasy. You know you can't compete with a superior black bull so you might as well get down there & worship...the ultimate humiliation. Get suckin'...FOR ME.
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Suck Cock For Me

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You might identify as 'straight' but I know you'll suck cock FOR ME, the Goddess you worship. I'll coach you through it, bit by bit, you'll do it to please me, to show me how devoted you will be so hot to do such an extreme, taboo act for your Goddess...maybe deep down you really are a filthy cocksucking, cum-guzzling whore for me...
Length: 12 minutes

Party Cocksucker

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There's no hiding now closet homo! Your secret desire to suck cock is about to be VERY publicly exposed. In addition to 4 Dominant Goddess's there is quite an audience (just out of view). This is a party & you're on your knees sucking that cock like the fag you know you are deep down... (Click to see more of Kandy Kink from Club Stiletto) .... (Click to see more of Domme Kyaa) .... (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
Length: 6 minutes

Teachers Massive Dong

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(Custom vid, no name mentioned) You've been caught texting in class with one of your pals about the bulge in your teachers crotch. You're kept after class for punishment & your teacher reveals that her bulge is indeed very real, a huge cock! You're mesmerized by it as she strokes it powerfully & tells you to worship it. She makes you wank your little willy to it then shows you what a real cock looks like when it cums!
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Sissy Becomes Cock Sucking Cuckold

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Well, with a title like that & the images to match there's not much more to say. If you like cuckolding...& especially cuckolding with sissy/cross dressing cucks in chastity...throw in some ENCOURAGED BI COCK SUCKING & we've got a real winner here. Enjoy!
Length: 16 minutes

Prison Bitch Initiation

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It's your 1st day of a 3 year prison sentence. As the prison warden of a prison with all female guards we take great pleasure in seeing little white boys like you getting your full punishment in jail. Most of the prisoners are black & never get to have sex with women. A white boy like you will be a delicacy. You're going to be sucking a lot of cocks...licking a lot of ass...and your ass is going to be well used. I tell you all about the sex acts you'll perform, over & over, while instructing you to suck your first cock & take your first load of cum...
Length: 16 minutes

Suck Black Cock For Me

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You love BBC SO suck that superior black cock. Go on cocksucker, I'll guide you through it, encouraging you to be the little white boy fag you really are. Soon enough you'll be guzzling his cum, taking that huge load all over your slut face & down the back of your throat...
Length: 12 minutes

Corporate Monster Cock

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You accidentally walk in the company washroom & see me standing at the toilet with my cock out. The secret is out now. You can't help but notice my huge bazooka. My tree trunk. I explain to you that THIS is why I'm the #1 star at the company. The reason why I'm called in to close all the big deals the juniors can't is the huge bulge in my pants. Guys see it & get intimidated, they'll do whatever I say. Now you'll get down on your knees & worship my cock, the monster cock that keeps this company running that gives you a job. You'll suck that cock until it shoots loads of hot cum down the back of your throat...
Length: 11 minutes

New Prison Bitch

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I welcome you to your new hell. As the new prison bitch for your 3 year sentence you will be spending a lot of time on your knees sucking black dick. All those horny, mean black inmates are going to love a little white boy like you. They're going to ruin your little pink asshole, running a train on you. One after another, all stretching your slut hole with their thick black cocks. You'll have to lick a lot of black ass too. Your mouth will get a lot of work eating black ass, licking black balls, swallowing black cum...
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