Face Sitting

Chastity Cuckold Pussy Cleaner

mp4 208.72 MB

My poor, denied cuckold is locked away in chastity...blue-balled & completely pussy-whipped. It's his job to clean my pussy & ass after I've been with other men and it's time for him to get to work. I seductively & sensually tease him...tormenting him with tales of my indiscretions...I make him clean that cream pie...the only time he gets to lick my pussy these days is when it's full of another man's cum...
Length: 7 minutes

Denied Cuckold Slave

mp4 213.3 MB

Tied down in my dungeon, my cuckold slave waits to do his duty: to clean my pussy & ass after I've been fucking my lovers. I occasionally give him release but find he's more efficient if he's kept in a state of desperation.
Length: 7 minutes

Ultimate Ass Worship

mp4 193.05 MB

All pleasure comes with a price...sometimes the ULTIMATE PRICE. What looks like just hot facesitting with a hand job may be something much more sinister. What would you sacrifice to cum by my hand with my pussy & ass on your face...? Hmmm?
Have you seen my public blog? http://mistresst.wordpress.com/
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 5 - Part 9

wmv 395.3 MB

This clip contains a variety of scenes. Melody trampling & face sitting. Bijou and Veronica face sitting. Multiple Goddess foot worship...and the party continues!
Length: 11 minutes

Just Sexy Face Sitting

wmv 95.43 MB

Those in the know, know I'm an experienced face sitter. For $3.99 you can't go wrong. Short and sweet.
Length: 2 minutes

Make Out On Human Sofa

wmv 201.27 MB

Humiliated cuckold? Objectified human furniture? Used slave? Smothered face seat cushion? Degraded ass worshiper? All of the above? I smother and grind my ass into the slaves face...my lover & I even double up and grind passionately against each other increasing the weight, pressure & friction.
Length: 6 minutes

DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored

wmv 250.09 MB

DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored
In association with DieForHer.com. Pussy Galore explains her plan to do away with Bond to Busty Galore (Busty Glam Goddess Samantha) ...while FACE SITTING her latest prey. Femme Fatale fans will love this sexy but cruel scene as Pussy's victim suffocates under her killer ass & pussy as she kisses Busty passionately....................
Length: 7 minutes

Goddess Party 4-Part 7: Strap-on and CBT

wmv 345.54 MB

The party is really starting to heat up now! Warning: the slave getting fucked in the ass by Bijou is not a well-trained ass slut. This was difficult for him and his suffering is very real. Lots of painful grunting as he basically gets raped in a room full of slaves & other Goddess's. Bijou is a true sadist & loves ass fucking slaves so you get to see her REALLY enjoy herself in this clip...she's not the only one: Ariel enjoys one of her favorite activities, face sitting, while toying with the slaves cock and balls like a cat playing with a mouse. She delights in his pain as the other Goddess's cheer her on and join in. EXCELLENT SCENE.
Length: 9 minutes

Turtle Tease and Humiliation

wmv 307.49 MB

Variety is the spice of life and this clip contains A LOT of variety: spitting, foot worship, face sitting, tickling, small penis humiliation, with the overall theme of humiliation. I even get out a jar of actual gerkin pickles and compare to demonstrate how -tiny his nub is! This inexperienced little Chinese boy living in London wanted to be humiliated...he certainly got his wish! He's wearing a "Tea-nage Mutant Ninja Turtle" mask which was hilarious and why this series (there are more to come) is entitled "Turtle..." This is a very fun clip as I am genuinely amused at his willingness to do whatever I want. I tease him mercilessly and his little weenie is rock hard throughout. Too funny.
Length: 5 minutes

Ass Sniffer Teased and Denied

wmv 227.68 MB

Do you wonder what my ass smells like? Do you wish you could bury your nose in there and breath in that intimate, feminine fragrance? Do you imagine what it would feel like to have my soft, juicy ass covering your face, my full weight on you, taking your breath away? ( FACE SITTING ) Now imagine I'm stroking your cock at the same time. How long do you think you would last before you blew your load? Look at the picture, go ahead have a good look at that amazing fucking ass...your twitching cock is telling you what you need to do.