Foot Worship

Dangle Foot Fetish

mp4 277.46 MB

This is a custom vid with no name whoever you are, if you like feet or shoe dangling, you'll love this. Lots of awesome views of teasing shoe dangling...then lots of foot eye candy to drool over...well, to blow your load to!
Length: 9 minutes

Foot Worship Footjob

mp4 336.25 MB

A classic foot lovers scene with lots of enthusiastic foot worship along with a skilled footjob/handjob.
Length: 11 minutes

Addicted Foot Bitch

mp4 350.73 MB

I know how much you love my feet. Drool over them & jerk yourself silly. MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with COUNT DOWN!
Length: 12 minutes

Black Slave Serves Bitch Owner

mp4 299.04 MB

The Boss Lady is auditioning a field slave to see if he's suitable for "the big house". She's heard he's a good breeder. She wants to see how large his cock gets fully erect & how much he ejaculates. She orders him to lick her feet & legs to test his oral skills then instructs him to ejaculate on her feet to see if he can cum on command. She then has him clean his cum off her feet. WARNING: This vid contains frequent "N" bombs. This is a FANTASY about a Dominant white female plantation owner using male slaves as sex servants.
Length: 10 minutes

Red Pantyhose and Stocking Brainwash

mp4 367.92 MB

This is a sensual vid that will deepen your lust for stocking/pantyhose/tights/nylons/hosiery and deepen your addiction to ME! Lots of gorgeous visuals combine solo, intimate moments with just me as well as sexy POV views of me teasing your cock, seducing that as you stroke your cock in a trance-like state it will feel like it's my hand touching you. I count your down from 10 to an explosive finish that will leave you feeling positive & relaxed after you awaken.
Length: 12 minutes

Pantyhose Drives You Crazy

mp4 300.1 MB

This is a sensual, teasing scene with loads of gorgeous eye-candy for lovers of legs, ass & feet encased in pantyhose...and FemDom handjobs.
Length: 10 minutes

Manipulated By Shiny Feet

mp4 352.52 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You are a rent-a-cop security guard & you find me in the bank managers office after hours. I expertly seduce you with my feet & soon you're eagerly sucking my toes & jerking your cock as if in a trance...
Length: 12 minutes

Ignored Cuck Foot Bitch

mp4 252.64 MB

Is there anything more humiliating than being completely ignored? While you sit at our feet like a dawg, we snuggle, chat & laugh together, enjoying each others company...but paying no attention to you at all.
Length: 10 minutes

Ceara Lynch And I Abuse You

mp4 292.29 MB

Humiliation & abuse from Ceara & I! Think you can handle it? (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch:
Length: 10 minutes

MILF's Special Foot Boy

mp4 315.42 MB

Custom vid...I come home from work and tell you to rub my feet. I notice this arouses you and start to tease you about your foot fetish. I tell you that your F***** could walk in any moment and what would he think of you! I let you worship my feet as I tell you about running into your ex & about how happy she is with her new boyfriend. I confide that she seems very sexually satisfied & that must really hurt your feelings since she dumped you for having a small penis. I encourage you to stroke your little dick while licking my feet, gently teasing & humiliating you...
Length: 10 minutes