Nylon Fantasy With Real Fan

mp4 312.21 MB

A real fan gets to be my plaything for an afternoon. I exploit his fetish for nylons/pantyhose/stockings as I toy with him & eventually extract his cum. --- You dream about meeting me in person. You ache to be serve me in real life. You may think it's impossible...but it's actually VERY possible. This guy is a real fan who came to Vancouver on business & volunteered to be in one of my vids. He did everything right: he sent a polite application with pics & a list of what he would be willing to do on film....he also sent me presents from my Amazon Wish List to butter me up. Good behavior gets rewarded!
Length: 10 minutes

Pantyhose Fetish Interactive Wank

mp4 407.77 MB

So, you have a thing for pantyhose? Well, this is a slam dunk, isn't it? An interactive (play along!) jerk off clip with loads of eye candy...
Length: 14 minutes

Footjobs Make You Weak

mp4 302.01 MB

A hot foot fetish clip with loads of great foot-on-cock views!
Length: 10 minutes

Nurse Takes Your Manhood

mp4 276.51 MB

This is a custom vid (but no name is used so great for anyone, well, anyone who is into sadistic nurses...) You are in a full body cast. For weeks I've been giving you sponge baths, working your hard cock & blue balls with warm soapy water...but always stopping just before you cum. Early on I noticed you peeking at my legs & figured out you have a thing for white, opaque tights/pantyhose so I've been teasing you with that too. I've been grinding my crotch against your horny cock & straddling your face making you smell my sex through the white gusset crotch of those pantyhose. Today is the day you're going to be cut out of your cast & I know you're eager to run to the bathroom & wack off. You're so desperate for release you're just about crazy with frustration. BUT before your cast comes off I'm going to 'snip' you so your cock will be too sore to touch for at least 6 more weeks! Ha ha!
Length: 9 minutes

Two Pump Foot Freak Cum Eater

mp4 177.31 MB

My tiny size 4 feet on his horny cock...Lexi's fragrant, pantyhose covered feet on his face...he didn't stand a chance! He blows after only a couple minutes, prematurely & is then scolded, humiliated & punished by being made to eat up up all that spunk...he sucks it out of her pantyhose, licks it off my feet & even has to suck some out of the rug! (Click to see more of Lexi Sindel from Vicious FemDom)

Pantyhose Perverts Jerk Off Instruction

mp4 275.77 MB

A sensual jerk off instruction for lovers of pantyhose!
Length: 9 minutes

MILF's Pantyhose

mp4 291.59 MB

I confront you about your shameful, secret desires for me. I've seen the porn you look at on the internet & you seek out MILF's that resemble me, your own MILF. You also look at pantyhose porn & I know you've jerked off with my dirty pantyhose. I decide to take control of the situation and own your orgasms. You'll only be allowed to jerk off in my presence from now on...starting right now...
Length: 10 minutes

Fetish For Stockings

mp4 325.94 MB

Sensual Domination. Do you love legs & feet encased in pantyhose/stockings/nylons?...Do you like the way that feels on your cock? If so, you'll love this erotic fetish vid which also covers: footjobs, handjobs, legjobs & thigh fucking.
Length: 11 minutes

Seduced and Denied Cheater

mp4 439.67 MB

You're in a relationship with a women who doesn't understand your fetish. You didn't want to cheat, you didn't want to be that guy, but here you are: being seduced by a stunningly gorgeous woman who seems so understanding about your kinks. No man could resist! It feels so good...and it feels so bad...your guilt about being unfaithful...your passion building...soon there is nothing you wouldn't do, all resistance worn down by my sweet, sexy teasing and expert touch...& the words that come out of my beautiful if I could read your mind...and just when you're about to finally release, your orgasm right at the edge...I stop & deny you, shaming you for being a cheater, punishing you for being a weak, perverted douchebag who thinks with his dick.
Length: 15 minutes

A Slow Sensual Release

mp4 471.8 MB

Get comfortable and savor my softer side as I guide you in this sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. A naturally Dominant women doesn't always have to be strict. You'll happily find yourself seduced and wanting to do whatever I tell you to. You're addicted to me already anyway. My velvety beautiful killer body...heaven.
Length: 16 minutes