Just a Pup To Me

mp4 136.78 MB

I keep this slave like a pet...caged up, bound, humiliated. He can only communicate with me in sounds not words. He must act in every way like my pup...because he's not even a man to me. Objectification & humiliation to the extreme. I bring him out of his cage to get me warmed up for my date. Degrading him makes my pussy so wet. I make him lick me through the latex of my pants. I can feel his hot mouth so close, desperate for a taste, but denied. I make him lick my breasts & nipples...when I've had my fun with him & he's also aroused but frustrated I put him back in his cage while I go out to make love to a real man... (Click to see more Puppy Vids)
Length: 4 minutes

Husband Training

mp4 340.27 MB

A wife sends her husband to me for first I tell him it's because she's caught him jerking off to porn on the internet of women taking loads of cum on their face & in their mouths...which is true, but that's not the full story. I eventually tell him that his wife has been cheating on him & she intends on turning him into a cuckold. He's going to have to learn to clean her lovers cum out of her he might as well start with learning to eat his own cum! This vid has a great storyline with a CUCKOLDING theme as well as a sexy latex gloved handjob with humiliating CUM EATING at the end.
Length: 11 minutes


mp4 216.51 MB

This is just a great Mistress T worship clip...if you love to look at me...& hear me instruct you to cum for me...this is sensual, intense vid. You'll be seduced, entranced & horny as fuck. Drooling over me...your addiction deepening...
Length: 7 minutes

Red Latex Pants Make You Weak

mp4 269.68 MB

Maybe you're an ass man...maybe you're a latex/rubber fetishist or you just like shiny're probably a Mistress T fan & I bet you love for me to control your orgasm. It's time for you to cum for me: sensual MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION!
Length: 9 minutes

Prisoners Denial

mp4 233.39 MB

Locked up. Tormented daily by a sexy & cruel Femme Fatale. Teased, stroked, used & edged over & over...your poor blue balls aching for release...but being denied... There is a FREE PREVIEW of this vid on the PREVIEWS page on this site.
Length: 8 minutes

Incredibly Cruel Small Penis Humiliation

mp4 141.64 MB

The legendary Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion teams up with me to thoroughly humiliate you for your penis's inadequacies. The first part is POV, just us speaking to you, degrading you, explaining how useless & disappointing your little cocklet is...then we make you watch us enjoy another slave with a thicker, nicer cock. You get to see what you can't have, what you'll never have.......... (Click to see more of Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion)
Length: 5 minutes

Medical Glove JOI

mp4 167.52 MB

This is a simple Jerk Off Instruction/Masturbation Encouragement vid...bonus if you have a MEDICAL FETISH, like nurses, GLOVES or RUBBER/latex gloves. I know you love to have me guide you...jerk off time is so much more fun with me, isn't it?
Length: 6 minutes

Latex Leg Fucker 2

mp4 198.15 MB

If you didn't love the first one so much I wouldn't have made another one...this one is even better! Great for latex/rubber fans...leg-fucking/thigh fucking fans...or whatever kinky stuff you're into. Cum eating finish...yes, even cum eating off of my $1000+ designer shoes.
Length: 7 minutes

Sex Slave PreParty Milking

mp4 245.57 MB

This is a visually decadent LEATHER GLOVE HANDJOB vid...WITH shiny cloths & rubber/latex. The story line is deliciously trained sex slave will be expected to perform all evening, pleasuring all of my high society female friends...bored wives of rich men who come to my parties for sexual relief & debauchery. He is milked to ensure he doesn't have any accidents. These women are interested in a hard cock that stays hard all evening, not his spunk.
Length: 8 minutes

Latex Glove Encouraged Milking

wmv 261.96 MB

The title pretty much says it all: HANDJOB + glove FETISH + latex/RUBBER/PVC FETISH + BONDAGE + HAND-OVER-MOUTH.
Length: 7 minutes