Ball Busted Ruined Orgasm

mp4 392.46 MB

Tied spread eagle, a slave is being trained in orgasm topless with sexy latex/rubber gloves & a hitachi wand (vibrator)... I edge him over & over until he starts to ejaculate without permission & PUNCH HIM HARD IN THE NUTS (11 times!) as he's cumming...thoroughly ruining his orgasm. . . .
Length: 13 minutes

Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined

mp4 638.67 MB

This is the slave from "Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock" released a few months ago. He still so badly wants to be my sex slave but his cock is too big. I tease him & make fun of his freaky giant cock... I humiliate him by making him suck the cock that does get to fuck me (ENCOURAGED BI), watch me have sex & then I make him CLEAN UP the CREAMPIE! As if that wasn't enough I then manipulate his horny freak cock, telling him how useless he is until he starts to cum then I RUIN HIS ORGASM & make him lick up the escaped cum off the floor!
Length: 22 minutes

Chastity Ruined Orgasm

mp4 260.62 MB

A slave shouldn't enjoy an orgasm THAT much. I use a Hitachi wand (powerful vibrator) to milk a painful orgasm from my slaves cock while he strains against his chastity cage....the pain increasing the more erect his cock gets closer to matter how painful it gets I'll empty his balls & enjoy him suffering beneath my Goddess ass & pussy...*** then I continue to stimulate his sensitive cock well after climax thus RUINING his ORGASM! ***
Length: 9 minutes

Latex Gloves Ruined Twice

mp4 280.48 MB

A hot, sensual handjob with black, opera length latex gloves...with 2 ruined finishes.
Length: 9 minutes

Prisoners Denial

mp4 233.39 MB

Locked up. Tormented daily by a sexy & cruel Femme Fatale. Teased, stroked, used & edged over & over...your poor blue balls aching for release...but being denied... There is a FREE PREVIEW of this vid on the PREVIEWS page on this site.
Length: 8 minutes

Ruined, Denied & Ruined AGAIN

mp4 413.24 MB

This vid is intense! The slave gets double teamed by the bombshell Nikki Whiplash & I...he's edged & teased...brought to the edge of orgasm over & he starts to ejaculate I ruin his orgasm (hard ball slapping)...then bring him right to the brink & DENY him...then I work him up again just to ruin his orgasm AGAIN! (Click to see more of Nikki Whiplash) I will be taking private & filmed sessions solo or with Mistress Whiplash at her dungeon in Hammersmith, UK Oct 20-23, 2012. Read this before emailing: (Click to see my blog entry about my UK trip)
Length: 14 minutes

Denied Cuckold Slave

mp4 213.3 MB

Tied down in my dungeon, my cuckold slave waits to do his duty: to clean my pussy & ass after I've been fucking my lovers. I occasionally give him release but find he's more efficient if he's kept in a state of desperation.
Length: 7 minutes

Pantyhose Sniffers Hand Job

mp4 213.35 MB

HANDJOB + PANTYHOSE. Ruined orgasm at the end...I keep stroking while he begs me to stop...*smile*.
Length: 7 minutes

Ruin Your Little Dicks Orgasm

mp4 293.62 MB

This is dynamite jerk off material if you're into cruel, cutting HUMILIATION (especially small penis humiliation!) while being seduced and controlled by a sensual Dominant woman. Lots of teasing & eye candy to guide you through your MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with a painful and disappointing ending: you will ruin your orgasm for me.
Length: 10 minutes

Eat Your Ruined Orgasm

mp4 142.53 MB

This is only the ending part of "Foot Slaves Place 3". Just the cuck slaves ruined orgasm & him eating his own spunk off of my foot.
Length: 5 minutes