Therapist Recommends Cuckolding

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The fabulous AstroDomina joins me in this vid as your sexually unsatisfied wife. You two have come for couples counseling with an unorthodox therapist, Doctor T. Although compatible in some ways, your small penis & lack of bed skills has left your loving wife sexually frustrated. I recommend cuckolding & we spend the rest of the session talking about what your new lives would look like with your wife fucking who ever she wants & you being her supportive cuckold. Things get quite graphic as your wife gets excited about fucking other men & making you watch, clean up cream pie's & making even sucking her lovers big cocks. As part of therapy I encourage you to jerk off & cum while we talk about the slutty things your wife will do & the degrading things she might make you do. After you've cum you find out the real reason I instructed you to cum: so your now flaccid dick will fit into a chastity device. Your little cuckold dicklet is getting caged up!

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Length: 12 minutes


Permanently Caged

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Custom vid, no name deserve to be locked up for life. You, in that cage & your 4 inch mushroom dick in chastity. You're a sicko with a porn addiction & an unhealthy interest in women's periods. You're not even a real man anyway, evidenced by your stupid bald head, your tiny dick size & lack of self control. I like to see you suffer. Caging you isn't enough, I'll also tease you with my body...I'll show you what you can't have, what you'll never have...

Length: 13 minutes


Small Penis Humiliation In Latex

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Do you have a small penis? How about an under-performing, worthless small penis? Erectile dysfunction? Do you compare yourself to big black cocks & know that you'll never measure up? Perfect, this is the vid for you! Bonus if you also like me in latex & love my ass.

Length: 10 minutes


Cheating Confessions

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Custom vid, no name mentioned...well, I do call you 'tiny'. I know that I broke your heart & I never told you the truth about some of the things you figured out. I feel the need to confess, to tell you the truth about my cheating. I know this is going to hurt & you might even cry...but you'll still be in love with me...& I bet in some twisted way it turns you on. You need to know that we hardly ever had sex because you couldn't please me. The sex I had with black men was so much better & I deserve to be satisfied. I have a lot to tell you so brace yourself...

Humiliation For Small Dicked Virgin

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Custom vid, no name mentioned: You're a porn addicted virgin with a small penis & nothing going for you. This vid is the closest thing you're going to ever get to sex.

Length: 13 minutes

Elite Small Penis Humiliation

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Just look at this glorious huge cock. This is a real alpha-male cock. Now look at what you have. Pathetic, isn't it? Compare yourself to this stud as I humiliate you & stroke him with my beautiful leather gloved hands. See another man enjoying what you so desperately want but don't deserve.

Length: 8 minutes

Hotwife Fucks Your Friend

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a 2 part vid (both parts in the same vid). In the first part I tell you, my husband, that your friend has sent me an email, propositioning me. In the email he tells me that he thinks I'm really hot & he'd like me to meet him at a hotel for sex. He sent me a dick pic. I show it to you. He & I had flirted before, there's definitely some sexual chemistry there. I tell you that I'm considering it & notice you getting aroused as I talk about it. I start to talk about how nice & big his cock looks. I get excited about fucking it & then decide to go for it. I tell you to NOT jerk off, to wait until I get back.

In the 2nd part I've returned home after fucking your friend all day long. I tell you all about it while instructing you to jerk off. I really emphasize how big his cock was & how much of an alpha male he was. I tell you all the details & finally let you cum telling you that I plan to invite him into our bed & maybe I'll even make you suck his big cock.

Note: Light small penis humiliation & light, teasing references to encouraged bi play. Sensually Dominate cuckoldress style scene.

Length: 13 minutes


Toilet Cuckold Cum Control

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Custom vid for Christopher (I use the name throughout). "You are my small dicked cuckold & all you deserve is my golden nectar right down your throat."

This vid contains several teasing controlled spurts at various points leading up to a final long, looooong downpour at the end with a cum countdown. Verbals are slow & sensually degrading. Plenty of wet visuals in this longer toilet scene!

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Length: 12 minutes

Humiliated By Mistress T and Miss Jasmine

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This is a pretty fun & cruel vid. Yes, fun AND cruel. We're horrible to the slave & we're horrible to you the viewer but we have a great time, laughing our heads off. We encourage you to smack yourself in the balls for us, we make fun of you. If you like bratty, mean girls, humiliation, being insulted & feet, you might like this. I don't really care:-) (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)

Length: 16 minutes

Cuck Dick Comparison

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How do you measure up cuckie? Look down at your dicklet, what have you got to offer compared to this stud's monster cock? Look at how he fills & stretches me. Look at how excited I get to play with that huge cock.

Length: 13 minutes