FemDom Therapist

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Custom request with the name "Mark" used. Attitude throughout is slightly arrogant, superior, but in a calm manner. Though unspoken, I am aware of your interest in my smooth, soft armpits. Throughout, I tease you with glimpses and say nothing but give knowing, condescending glances. I am your therapist. I tell you today I want to delve into sexual issues because these are at the root of everything else. I always knew you were a beta male, today I'm going expose you for this. I tell you to undress while I coolly judge and critique your body, amused. I tell you that your physique is okay, and you're cute enough, but women don’t want cute, they want tall and muscular alphas, manly men who know what they want and take it. You must accept becoming a cuckold. I mock you for having a pencil dick, not tiny really, but skinny and inadequate. I order you to masturbate while making you repeat humiliating statements. I order you to ejaculate on the floor then lick it clean.
Length: 15 minutes

Small Penis Rejection

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This guy arranged for a couple of escorts to come to his hotel room. Things are going well until he takes his pants off and the two start laughing at his ridiculous dicklet. It shrinks even further as they say a condom wouldn't even stay on that little thing. After a lot of cruel humiliation the ladies just leave with the money & head to the hotel bar to look for real men with real cocks. (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 7 minutes

Small Penis Improvement Therapy

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Custom vid, no name mentioned. Your wife came to me, Dr. T, a therapist, to help with marriage problems. She's unsatisfied sexually because your penis is too small. I ask you to show me your penis and I confirm that indeed, your penis is much below average. I give you a cream to rub on your penis to improve the size and then laugh as you rub it on & your penis starts to shrink. The smaller the penis the more submissive & obedient you'll be to your wife who will now be getting her sexual pleasure from alpha males with huge cocks. I advise you to stroke your little dick and cum because the shrinking will continue until you ejaculate.... (Lots of CUCKOLDING verbals along with twisted SPH)
Length: 9 minutes

Mature Cuckoldress Takes Younger Lover

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You & I have been married a long time...& I've never been sexually satisfied with you. On this spa weekend getaway I met a younger man...and I'm making you this video to tell you all about it...and how you'll just be my cuckold from now on if you want to keep our marriage together. I deserve bigger cocks & fitter studs...
Length: 7 minutes

Cheating Wife Creampie Surprise

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I have made this vid for you, my husband. You are watching it at work where I've sent it. Last night I came home late & climbed onto your face for you to lick me & give me pleasure. Did you notice that I tasted different? I had been out to a sex club where I made this vid of me fucking another man & him cumming in my pussy. You'll see he has a much thicker cock than yours. Watch how I enjoy fucking him. I won't be fucking your little dick anymore. You will be my cuckold & just lick up other men's cum from my pussy! (NOTE: This is a VERY rare scene for me with a REAL CREAM PIE/cum oozing out of my freshly fucked pussy!)
Length: 10 minutes

Not Your Cock

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Look down at your penis. Then look at that impressive cock in my hands. Now you understand why I fuck him & not you. Enjoy watching me stroke that gorgeous cock while you tug away at your disappointing nub...imagining, at least for a moment that that's you.
Length: 11 minutes

Black Stud Fucks Your Wife

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How does it feel, cuck, knowing that you can't satisfy your wife sexually? Watch this black stallion do what you can't.
Length: 15 minutes

Small Penis Therapy

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Custom request (no name mentioned). This is a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION (I allow you to have a release in front of me). See description of the request below: "The theme is an SPH therapy session with Dr. T. The tone should be belittling but clinical/matter-of-fact, rather than name calling. I've come to see you to overcome feelings of inadequacy, sexual performance problems, difficulty dating, etc. We've met a couple of times, but didn't make enough progress because I was hiding something. During our earlier discussions, you noticed I was acting somewhat cocky but it didn't seem genuine. I was putting on a front of being a virile and endowed man but the good doctor isn't buying it. You know exactly what's causing my problems. You tell me to take down my pants so you can see how much of a man I am. I'm reluctant, but you insist on seeing my penis. Well, you've definitely found the root of all the problems. You tell me directly that I have a very small penis. You detail how this is obviously a source of shame and embarrassment to have my little dick exposed. How it's natural to not feel like a real man with such a tiny penis. You notice I get aroused as I'm being emasculated, so you have me play with myself. Instead of helping to overcome the feelings of inadequacy, you tell me I need to accept these feelings. There's no way to get over the feelings because I'm mentally and physically a "little man". And women will treat little men differently than alpha men. Women will treat me the way I deserve to be treated. You tell me to rule out normal relationships with women. With such a little baby dick I'm more suited to be a cuckold or pussy slave to a size queen. And so on…"
Length: 17 minutes

Your Wife Loves Big Cock

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"Face it, you don't have the right equipment. That's why I have to get satisfied elsewhere. This stud has a thick cock. Look how happy it makes me! Wait until you see that huge cock cum like a fire hose! You'll see how you can never measure up to a real man & why you'll always just be my cuckold."
Length: 20 minutes

His Cock Is Bigger Than Yours

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"You've been a good little pet so you deserve a reward. I know you've been eager to see my stud's big cock. You want to see how big it is, don't you? I'm not sure you can handle it though? I know how excited you get seeing big cocks. Your little dicklet is making a little tent in your pants already! You should beg to see. Tell me how badly you want to see it. If I show you, you have to promise to not prematurely cum in your shorts..." (This is a custom vid..for a mini-dicked, big-cock-obsessed premature ejaculator...probably...but I don't say his name so if that describes you, you'll love this teasing vid with light cuckolding & small penis humiliation.)
Length: 6 minutes