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Religious Cuckold

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Is homosexuality against your religion? Perfect! You will suck cock for me. ---- My new husband is very religious. I met him at church, he was giving a sermon about the evils of homosexuality. I set out to turn him, pursuing him & soon marrying (because sex before marriage is a sin & he couldn't wait to consummate the relationship)...divorce is also against the church so now I have him right where I want him as I turn him into my cuckold & make him do the one thing he feels so ashamed of: sucking cock! I even make him eat the CREAMPIE!
Length: 25 minutes

Cuckold Pre-Fuck Torment

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My lover will be over in a few minutes & your life as my cuckold will begin. I tell you all the things that are going to happen, I paint a picture for you, telling you to jerk off & cum now...I am tormenting you by not even allowing you to endure your first experience horny. After you cum the idea of me being with another man will be even less appealing...and knowing you're suffering will give me even more pleasure!
Length: 12 minutes

New Hubby Becomes Cuckold

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An amazing cuckold scene with everything that you love! CREAMPIE CLEANUP + ENCOURAGED BI COCKSUCKING and lots of hot fucking while humiliating & abusing my cuckold!
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Mature Cuckoldress Takes Younger Lover

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You & I have been married a long time...& I've never been sexually satisfied with you. On this spa weekend getaway I met a younger man...and I'm making you this video to tell you all about it...and how you'll just be my cuckold from now on if you want to keep our marriage together. I deserve bigger cocks & fitter studs...
Length: 7 minutes

Cheating Wife Creampie Surprise

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I have made this vid for you, my husband. You are watching it at work where I've sent it. Last night I came home late & climbed onto your face for you to lick me & give me pleasure. Did you notice that I tasted different? I had been out to a sex club where I made this vid of me fucking another man & him cumming in my pussy. You'll see he has a much thicker cock than yours. Watch how I enjoy fucking him. I won't be fucking your little dick anymore. You will be my cuckold & just lick up other men's cum from my pussy! (NOTE: This is a VERY rare scene for me with a REAL CREAM PIE/cum oozing out of my freshly fucked pussy!)
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Sissy Becomes Cock Sucking Cuckold

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Well, with a title like that & the images to match there's not much more to say. If you like cuckolding...& especially cuckolding with sissy/cross dressing cucks in chastity...throw in some ENCOURAGED BI COCK SUCKING & we've got a real winner here. Enjoy!
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Black Stud Fucks Your Wife

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How does it feel, cuck, knowing that you can't satisfy your wife sexually? Watch this black stallion do what you can't.
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Cuckolding Your Husband

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Happy V-day. Today you can imagine that you're married to Ceara & you've come to Dr. T for marriage counseling. I figure out pretty quickly that your sexually dissatisfied wife should cuckold you. I get you to drop your pants to confirm my suspicion: yes, you do have a small penis. You're never going to be able to please your wife & if you love her & want to stay with her you're going to have to put up with her getting satisfied elsewhere...with REAL men, who have BIG cocks. Alpha males who can fuck her properly. I couch her on how to cuckold you & instruct you to stroke your dicklet in front of us, it's time you start getting used to the idea of your wife fucking other men. We instruct you to jerk off & cum while we talk about your wife fucking other men & cuckolding you... (Click to see more of Ceara Lynch)
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Your Wife Wants Black

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"I know I married you...but what I really want is black cock. I know you want me to be happy & I know you want to stay married to me, so you'll indulge me. I want you to SEE how happy black cock makes me, so I want you to watch...& I want you to clean me up after. You're going to be a good cuckold hubby & lick all that cum off of me..."
Length: 24 minutes

My Sweet Cuckold

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This is a very loving cuckold POV vid. I'm not mean & I don't humiliate you. There is very subtle small penis humiliation, barely humiliation tho. You are my honey, my partner & I love you...& although you are also my cuckold, you do get to fuck me. You want me to be sexually satisfied but you know you don't have the equipment. It even turns you on thinking about me being with other men. I get you to warm me up with your mouth & small penis before my lover comes over...then I get you to come clean me up after he's fucked me with this huge cock. I even want you to fuck me after he has, even though I can barely feel you now with my pussy all stretched. It's still nice to feel connected to you & I know it turns you on to feel the change in my pussy....after a larger cock has been in there & it's all lubricated with another man's cum...
Length: 14 minutes