Cruel Hateful Verbal Degradation

mp4 309.64 MB

You're just a fucking waste of space, aren't you? Look at yourself. Disgusting. You actually get off on being called a loser, don't you? I have a lot more for you than just calling you a loser. Do you think you can handle me telling you the truth about what a piece of shi+ you are? We'll see if you're not in the fetal position crying like a little bitch by the time you get to watch this guy nut. Lucky him, eh? You know it will never be you. You'll never get to be with me or a woman like me.

Naturally, there's some Financial Domination to this as well, because guys like you have to pay. There's tribute info in my FAQ & ways to get in touch with me to get more abuse: https://blog.mistresst.net/fetish-focus/frequently-asked-questions/

There's also a tribute button right here on my clips store. Scroll up to the top right corner dumb dumb.

Length: 12 minutes

Glove Lover Made Into Sex Slave

mp4 329.62 MB

Custom vid ordered by a special glove fetishist who had these gorgeous, tight, black leather gloves custom made for me, for this scene. Featuring the gorgeous & talented fuck stud: Shreddz & filmed by his girlfriend & my long time close friend of mine (my ex girlfriend/lover actually): Samantha Mack. Creating this scene was hot for all of us! See more of them here: https://www.clips4sale.com/36796/mack-movies

I've noticed that my new employee has been staring at my gloves, which I wear at work all the time. I decide to turn him into my sex slave. The scene opens with him just waking up, bound & gagged.

I am squeezing my hand into those tight leather gloves as I explain that he's been given viagra to make his dick hard & that I'll be putting a numbing cream inside the condom to ensure he doesn't feel too much. I want to ensure he stays erect for as long as I want. He's not to have an orgasm. This is about my pleasure, not his. I'll use his cock as I like.

I proceed to fuck him greedily, orgasming a couple times...by the end he's under my spell, ready to start his new life as my sex slave, to be trained in all the ways to please me. I take the gag out & hold his face with my gloved hand as I ask for confirmation that he now belongs to me. "Yes Mistress" is his willing response & we kiss passionately....

Length: 11 minutes


Gloved Criminal Seduction

mp4 226.23 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. You awake to find me robbing you but my leather gloves immediately arouse you so you just lay there as I approach you, a twinkle in my eye. I seduce you with my leather gloves. The thrill of having a powerful, dangerous woman touch you is overwhelming. I tease you, telling you that I know you're imagining me fucking you, the grip of my pussy like the grip of my hand around your hard cock. I tell you that if you keep quiet about me robbing you I'll come back in a couple of weeks & maybe I'll fuck you then, wearing these gloves, the gloves you know I use to steal & pick locks & at that time I'll clean you out completely. I'll drain you in every possible way.

Length: 11 minutes

Milking His Super Powers

mp4 267.46 MB

An evil villaness steals your super powers by milking you. You can not resist her seduction & skilled leather-gloved grip. You are no match for her, so give into it & enjoy...soon you'll be serving her in every way....*insert evil laughter here*

Length: 10 minutes

Scent Fetish Mind Fuck

mp4 387.21 MB

I control you with my scent. It's all a part of the mind fucking. I make you worship my armpits, feet, ass & pussy...sitting on your face, you have no choice but to inhale my aroma...it's so intimate...

Length: 13 minutes

Elite Small Penis Humiliation

mp4 243.72 MB

Just look at this glorious huge cock. This is a real alpha-male cock. Now look at what you have. Pathetic, isn't it? Compare yourself to this stud as I humiliate you & stroke him with my beautiful leather gloved hands. See another man enjoying what you so desperately want but don't deserve.

Length: 8 minutes

Sex Slave Audition Training

mp4 492.54 MB

So you think you're worthy of being my sex slave? So many men want to serve me sexually. So few measure up. This is an audition & a bit of training to see if you'll be able to please me....

Length: 17 minutes

Leather Is Your Weakness

mp4 188.93 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned...a senusally Dominant mastubation instruction for leather lovers.

Length: 6 minutes


Humiliating FemDom Stroke

mp4 292.99 MB

A classic up close & intimate, interactive FemDom hand job scene with humiliation & jerk off instruction!


FemDom Interrogation

mp4 277.31 MB

Bound naked by all four limbs AND your balls...kept hanging there...helpless & vulnerable. A sexy, sadistic interrogator who knows your weaknesses. Teasing you, stroking your cock, promising you a release you so desperately need & all you have to do is give her the information she wants. The cruelest interrogation. The biggest mind fuck. Teasing you with her body, stroking your horny cock with her leather gloved hand, tempting you...but you resist...even as she's wearing you down...you become so desperate you'd be willing to do anything...

Length: 9 minutes