Powerful Women

Evil Manipu-Therapy 2

wmv 525.82 MB

Entrancement fans and broken souls will feel ashamed for loving this vid. No positive affirmations here. Do you think I'd use the word 'EVIL' casually? You've come to me for therapy. You think I'm a professional. Every time you come for therapy you feel worse, yet you can't seem to resist coming back again. You have dark thoughts about me but you're sure it's just your own imagination....you would never insult me by telling me about your dirty fantasies about me, your therapist, yet they seem so vivid, more like memories...if the idea of getting supremely and authentically fucked over and degraded by a powerful, manipulative business women turns you on: you're already fucked up, so you might as well buy this vid.
Length: 14 minutes

Seductive Interrogation

wmv 393.24 MB

Femme Fatale fans will love me as a lethally hot spy with unique interrogation techniques. You have information I want and I will get it out of you, I promise. I know that you've been trained to withstand painful torture and you're even immune to truth serum. But everyone has a weakness. I know your secrets. You should never have engaged in hypno therapy with your therapist...now I know what you crave, what's missing from your marriage with your boring wife...I know about your little fetishes...I am going to exploit them all and use them to extract the information I want out of you like squeezing a lemon for juice.
Length: 11 minutes