Uncle Seat Cushion

wmv 255.26 MB

I have my pervy uncle wrapped around my pinky finger...and directly beneath me, exactly where he belongs.
Length: 7 minutes

Dirty Sock Pervert

wmv 141.81 MB

If you have a weakness for dirty, sweaty socks you'll love this vid. My adorable size 4 feet and my nasty, damp sweat socks. Sniff, lick and stroke!
Length: 4 minutes

***'s Bad Little Girl

wmv 192 MB

Shhhh! MILF is just in the next room making dinner. We have a few minutes before she calls us to the table...just long enough for me to make you cum for me, dirty ol' Pa! I know how weak you are for me and how guilty you feel about it. I love having so much control over you. I know how to push all of your buttons to keep you wrapped around my little finger. My stinky sweat sock, my little ballet flats, my perky bum in pantyhose (look at that strategically-placed tear in my pantyhose!)...I know you're crazy for my tiny feet in stockings and you love to slide your hard horny cock in between my souls...OH! You're positively drooling already! You better get stroking before MILF catches you!
Length: 5 minutes

Trade Spanking For Ballbusting

wmv 268.69 MB

So, you want to give me a hard time for not ironing my uniform? Ha! You pervert, you're just looking for an excuse to give me a spanking. I'm not that stupid. I don't mind a little slap on the ass actually, I'm not so innocent but if you get what you want then I get what I want. For each slap on my perfect round ass I get to kick you in the nuts! Tit for tat. So go ahead and enjoy spanking me perv, cuz you're going to be in a world of hurt when it's my turn.
Length: 7 minutes

Girl Scout Tease

wmv 368.03 MB

Length: 10 minutes

Toilet Cleaner

wmv 170.02 MB

Who wouldn't want to be kicked in the sac and fucked in the ass with their head in a toilet? Tsk tsk, I do spoil my slaves. Having your head pushed into a toilet for a couple of flushes really motivates you to do a thorough cleaning job!
Length: 5 minutes

Jail Bait

wmv 294.41 MB

You're sentenced to life in prison and you'll never get pussy again. I've come to visit you in jail to increase your suffering by teasing and taunting you with my tight young body. ...oh, and for those not really behind bars, your life sentence is your stupid life and even if you do get pussy once in a blue moon from your boring wife you'll never get an exciting young thing like me so you might as well wank to this clip.
Length: 8 minutes

Grunt Piggy

wmv 332.45 MB

Need a break from super serious Domination clips? Want to see something really FUN? How about watching two Goddess's compete to see how much cum water they can squirt into a slave's mouth with water guns? The naked slave (target) amuses Eden and I in a ridiculous get-up and grunting like a piggy. There's more laughs in this clip than the To-night Show! It starts off with a shoejob milking and orgasm to produce the cum to fill the water guns and then the GAMES begin.
Length: 9 minutes

Tickled And Teased Uncle

wmv 413.06 MB

It's a tease & denial / cock tease double header (with yesterday's 'Cock Tease Princess' - get them BOTH!). This time the cock tease brat tricks her uncle (who is showing her his Halloween costume) into letting her tie him up to the bed. Big mistake. She then tickles him and teases his cock and he's helpless to do anything about it! (BRAT GIRLS, INTER-Fam,, OLDER MAN/YOUNGER WOMAN, BONDAGE, TEASE & DENIAL, COCK TEASE, JEANS FETISH, TICKLING.)
Length: 11 minutes