Evil Manipu-Therapy 3

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*** Entrancement *** Your favorite evil, manipulative, twisted, sexy therapist is back to fuck with what's left of your mind. The first part of the clip is very soothing...I take you into deep relaxation making you very susceptible to suggestion. Once I have you under my complete control I turn you into MY sex puppet. I create a new addiction: foot fetish and make you worship my feet. I make you lick my ass & pussy laughing that you'll still taste and smell me when you come out of your trance. I plant a few naughty ideas in those mush brains of yours and ensure that you become my personal, addicted, ruined slave!!! *insert evil laughter here*
Length: 13 minutes

DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored

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DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored
In association with DieForHer.com. Pussy Galore explains her plan to do away with Bond to Busty Galore (Busty Glam Goddess Samantha) ...while FACE SITTING her latest prey. Femme Fatale fans will love this sexy but cruel scene as Pussy's victim suffocates under her killer ass & pussy as she kisses Busty passionately....................
Length: 7 minutes