Ultimate Ass Worship

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All pleasure comes with a price...sometimes the ULTIMATE PRICE. What looks like just hot facesitting with a hand job may be something much more sinister. What would you sacrifice to cum by my hand with my pussy & ass on your face...? Hmmm?
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Length: 7 minutes

Inescapable Scissorhold

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I love to scissor...I have very strong legs for a petite lady & I've been doing tons of yoga & kickboxing the last couple of months. I decide to test my own strength and challenge my victim to break my hold on him...100% real: he tries as hard as he can but can NOT break free! Watch him struggle like a little bitch, red faced, as I squeeze him painfully, laughing at his panic & frustration.
Length: 5 minutes

Belt Around Your Neck

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INTERACTIVE vid alert! I expect you to participate in this one my obedient, kinky, thrill-seeker. Are you feeling daring enough to do as you're instructed? All you need is a belt (a neck tie or rope could work in a pinch) and your hand on your dick. Easy!
Length: 10 minutes

DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored

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DieAgra AKA Pussy Galored
In association with DieForHer.com. Pussy Galore explains her plan to do away with Bond to Busty Galore (Busty Glam Goddess Samantha) ...while FACE SITTING her latest prey. Femme Fatale fans will love this sexy but cruel scene as Pussy's victim suffocates under her killer ass & pussy as she kisses Busty passionately....................
Length: 7 minutes