You Crave Me

mp4 407.53 MB

This is a custom vid & I use the name 'Josh' several times. If your name is Josh you'll fucking LOVE this vid. Chances are you'll love this vid no matter what your name is. It's sensual & sexy as fuck. There's a small part where I tell you to suck my strap on but it's mostly a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with lots of hot visuals. (Includes a count down & permission to cum.)
Length: 14 minutes

Publicly Worship Our Shoes

mp4 145.24 MB

Domina Snow & I give you a taste of what it would feel like to worship us in a busy hotel lobby, where anyone could see you. Imagine humiliating yourself like that, for our amusement... (Click for more Alexandra Snow)
Length: 5 minutes

Sex Slave Interview

mp4 372.67 MB

So, you want to fuck me? You want to serve me sexually, please me and be a film slave? Let's see what you've got to offer. Let's see if you measure up.
Length: 12 minutes

Sensual Tease & Denial

mp4 526.93 MB

How long do you think you could handle being teased & denied by me? This was the 18 minute climax from an all day tease & denial session. We went lingerie shopping & fetish clothing shopping all day in Paris. We shared glasses of wine & I flirted, keeping him hard and on edge all day. At the end of the night you'll see me fucking with his head and enjoying driving him crazy...
Length: 18 minutes

Bad Therapist-Part 1

mp4 291.15 MB

Storyline: I'm a therapist with a reputation for alternative methods of therapy. This poor sap has come to me with self esteem issues & an obsession for younger, hotter women who are way out of his league. I tell him that to deal with his issues we need to go role-play the rejection he's getting in the real world but with even more intensity. CRUEL TEASE & DENIAL. Cutting verbals & juicy wet visuals as I fuck a dildo attached to his face... (Part 2 is a short, separate scene where I make him jerk off on my boots & lick his cum up while spitting on him and degrading him. Although the storyline is the same part 1 & 2 are very different scenes.)
Length: 10 minutes

Weak For Lingerie Sales Girl

wmv 454.58 MB

You plan to get your wife a bra & panty set for your anniversary and you think you're lucky to have found a lingerie shop with a hot sales girl. Your little head starts to do the thinking and you tell the sales girl your wife is about her size (yeah right!) and suggest she model some things to help you make a decision. Not only does she go for it she actually starts to flirt with you as she changes from one expensive skimpy outfit into a more expensive and even sexier lingerie set. She teases you & even encourages you to masturbate to help you figure out which set you like the best. You're so weak for her you end up jerking off right there in the lingerie dressing room! After you cum the 'sweet' sales girl breaks the news that security camera's have recorded the whole thing and that it would be best if you decided to take all 3 sets of expensive lingerie as well as a couple other pricey pieces: BLACKMAILING BITCH! It was the most expensive wank you've every had but at least you can think about the hot sales girl while your ugly wife is wearing that lingerie.
Length: 12 minutes

White Wank

wmv 185.27 MB

You need your jerk off material so here's another one of my famous masturbation instruction clips. You wankers can't seem to get enough of them! Opera style long white gloves and white lingerie provide the eye candy...(distance slaves with glove fetishes, I recommend you use your own gloves to jerk yourself to this clip, imagining that it's my hand).
Length: 5 minutes

Panties For MILFs Boy

wmv 468.66 MB

It's intimate dress-up time with MILF! I've noticed my panties have been stretched out. My MILF's boy has been trying on my lingerie! It's okay, MILF loves you so she's picked up some things in your size and will show you how to get dressed up pretty like MILF. Things get a little naughty and dirty as usual and MILF promises you'll cum in your panties watching this.
Length: 13 minutes