Cruel Leather Bondage Ruined Orgasm

mp4 466.39 MB

There's a lot to love about this classic FemDom scene...inescapable extreme bondage in a leather sack with a heavy sensory deprivation hood...cruel verbals...a gorgeous Dominatrix who sensually controls her slaves....and a ruined orgasm for the helpless victim...
Length: 16 minutes

Verbal Abuse And Ruined Orgasm

mp4 278.92 MB

Sidonia Von Bork of The English Mansion is well known for her razor sharp tongue & cruel verbals. During this slaves weekly milking he must endure her verbal humiliation & degradation to earn his orgasm...but even then he doesn't get to enjoy it.
--- I will be back in England THIS MONTH! ---
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Length: 9 minutes

Teal Nails Train dick

mp4 356.89 MB

POST CUM TORTURE! This is a nice HAND JOB vid with ORGASM CONTROL TRAINING until he cums without permission & has to endure torturous stroking on his sensitive cock. He'll learn his lesson!
Length: 12 minutes

No Fun Orgasm

mp4 153.89 MB

Just because I give you permission to cum doesn't mean I'm going to let you enjoy it. I can be so cruel, sadistic & abusive...
Length: 5 minutes

Slow Loving Sex Ed

mp4 623.42 MB

This is a gentle, sweet instructional situation with an intelligent, sexy "MILF" who wants to ensure her boy grows up to be a good lover. She catches him playing with her dirty panties which prompts her to take matters into her own hands. There's a long, slow teasing build up, lots of light touching through his shorts...a little sensual foot worship (where she explains he should worship a woman's foot like he would lick her pussy)...she demonstrates good oral skills, explaining the similarities of a penis & a pussy...she then shows him how to use a condom correctly & helps him get used to the sensation of intercourse while wearing a condom. All the while he is instructed to control his orgasm, he's edged & encouraged to take his time & enjoy the experience. There's no rush. There's a nice long hand job at the end where he's edged & teased...eventually erupting in a long built-up orgasm. He's lovingly chastised for not asking for permission as he was instructed. She continues to stroke his sensitive cock a little as punishment while he squirms & giggles. She teases that she'll smear his cum on her pussy & make him lick it off. It's light, loving, kinky discipline. He's left feeling that he has to work a little harder to please "MILF", & he has a lot of practicing to do, but he's in good hands with a experienced mature woman who takes a keen interest in his education. (This is a custom vid. I use the name 'Tommy' a few times.)
Length: 22 minutes

Ballbusted Ruined Orgasm 2

mp4 168.58 MB

This is a sweet hand job vid with some foot worship...until the surprising unpleasant end. I ruin his orgasm by smacking him in the nuts as he cums. CBT/Ball Abuse/painful ball slapping!
Length: 6 minutes

Long Build Up Ruined

mp4 367.08 MB

Lots of sensual teasing...face sitting...& torment in bondage...a hot FemDom hand job scene with an abandoned ruined orgasm at the end. Poor boy! Ha ha
Length: 12 minutes

Dumb Black Slave Degraded & Ruined

mp4 281.06 MB

This vid has heavy RACE-PLAY including derogatory terms/names. (Disclaimer: It's a fantasy I'm happy to role-play for those into this does not reflect my true feelings & I do not promote hate or discrimination.)
Length: 9 minutes

Denial Nightmare

mp4 197.95 MB

This is a twisted RUINED ORGASM/ORGASM DENIAL HANDJOB vid which would also be hot if you have a MEDICAL FETISH, GLOVE FETISH or if you love LATEX/RUBBER or kinky NURSE'S. This procedure takes place on an autopsy table for those who have an interest in that fantasy...
Length: 7 minutes

Ruined Orgasm For Boot Lover

mp4 349.95 MB

This is a hot boot worship & trample scene with sexy stiletto boots...and a very ruined orgasm finish.
Length: 12 minutes