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Humiliated By Sexy Cuckoldress

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This is a classic POV cuckolding scene with lots of verbal humiliation & extra humiliation at the end as I smear my lovers cum on the crack of his ass & tell you to lick it up. Can you imagine?! But you would do it for me, wouldn't you? Just to amuse me & show me how devoted you are to me. You know you could never please me sexually but you love to see me with hot, hung studs who fill my pussy & satisfy me. This is your life as my small-dicked cuckold!
Length: 12 minutes

Your Wife Loves Big Cock

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"Face it, you don't have the right equipment. That's why I have to get satisfied elsewhere. This stud has a thick cock. Look how happy it makes me! Wait until you see that huge cock cum like a fire hose! You'll see how you can never measure up to a real man & why you'll always just be my cuckold."
Length: 20 minutes

Massive Cum From Huge Cock

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This is "The guy who cums like a FIRE HOSE" that so many of you love. (Search keyword "Fire Hose" to find his other very popular vids). This is a classic cuckolding scene. You, my cuckold, kneel beside the bed & watch me get satisfied by my well-hung lover. I give you some cock sucking training as you'll soon need to learn to fluff my lovers cocks for me. I make fun of your tiny, worthless dicklet & compare it to his thick, manly cock. After I've had my fun I jerk my lover off onto your face making you catch as much in your mouth as possible. You'll have to learn to like the taste of cum if you're going to clean up those cream pies. ~ Includes a slow motion replay of his epic cum shot! ~
Length: 18 minutes

Auntie & MILF's Groin Relief

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MILF's boy seems to have slightly hurt his groin muscle. Auntie & MILF insist on examining the area & applying the appropriate salve. The next problem that 'pops' up Auntie & MILF also know how to deal with...they'll get the swelling down & have junior sorted out in short order. (Firm but loving sensual HJ with Fam FANTASY) (Click to see more of Lady Nina Birch)
Length: 10 minutes

Huge Cumblast For Foot Lover!

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This is the guy with the huge dick who cums like a fire hose from "Buckets of Cum!", "Huge Fucking Cumshot!", "Milked by a Dominant Nurse", "Cum Drenched Cuckold" & "Foot Fetish Handjob". . . . This is a sensual nude handjob with a little pussy licking, lots of hot foot views, a little footjob action & of course a MONSTER CUM BLAST finish (repeated in slow motion the way you cum shot fanatics love). This is a fantastic vid, highly recommended!
Length: 15 minutes

MILF's Sissy boy

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MILF is here. Before you go off to school we need to get rid of that bulge in your panties. We don't want anyone to get suspicious of that big clitty of yours. I always wanted a girl & you look so pretty dressed up in your girly cloths with a bit of make-up. MILF's special, pretty girl. Just relax, MILF's expert hands in those leather gloves you love will do the job in no time. Let's empty those balls...that's MILF's good girl...
Length: 10 minutes

New Slave Tested & Milked

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Nikki & I enjoy a new plaything. This one confessed a fetish for smothering & scissoring. I'm more interested in testing him out as a sex slave. I sensually manipulate his cock to see how it erect it gets, how long it takes him to ejaculate and how much he ejaculates. This is a prolonged tease vid with bondage, facesitting, smothering (HOM/hand-over-mouth with gloves & ass smothering), scissoring & a sensual handjob with cum shot.

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Length: 10 minutes

Facesit Handjob

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Me naked, sitting on a slaves face while milking his cock: heaven. *smile*
Length: 4 minutes

Milked By A Dominant Nurse

mp4 294.14 MB

You have a build up of fluid that needs to be extracted. Strict Nurse T takes control of the situation & uses a special medical procedure to relieve that pressure. Length: 10 minutes

Buckets of CUM!

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Who doesn't love to see a giant cock cum like a fire hose?! This is a sexy, FemDom milking with an explosive, massive cum shot. (Sensual Domination)
Length: 7 minutes