Jerk For Me Foot Lover

mp4 279.47 MB

Below me, at my feet...that's where you ache to be. This is a sensually Dominant JERK OFF INSTRUCTION for lovers of feet...or just any fan of me, Mistress T.
Length: 9 minutes

Your Ex Is Happy

mp4 334.72 MB

Custom vid: I tell you, my boy Johnathon, to rub my feet. I then tell you that I ran into your ex, Katie & that she's just married a great guy & she's really happy. I can tell this makes you sad so I encourage you to stroke your "little peeps" while you worship my feet, to make you feel better. I go on to tell you that your ex had just returned from her honeymoon & I could tell by the sparkle in her eye that she had had lots of great sex. A woman can tell when another woman is being sexually satisfied. I explain that you could never make her feel that way because your penis is too small. I gently tease you about still being single, living at home with me while your ex is having a great life with a real man who probably has a much bigger cock, a better job, etc. I encourage you to cum while kissing my toes, reminding you that your place is kneeling before me, at my feet.
Length: 11 minutes

Feet and Hands Persuasion

mp4 406.79 MB

You would be helpless against my warm touch...my velvety voice...my seduction. Those sexy petite feet..those skilled hands...I dare you to try to hold off until the end... *smile*. Features: FOOT JOB & HAND JOB.
Length: 14 minutes

Humiliating The Foot Bitch

mp4 272.63 MB

Meggerz & I have fun teasing & degrading this little foot bitch. It gets pretty extreme...that's all I'm saying. *smile* (Click to see more of Princess Meggerz)
Length: 9 minutes

Footjobs Make You Weak

mp4 302.01 MB

A hot foot fetish clip with loads of great foot-on-cock views!
Length: 10 minutes

Lick Muddy Feet

mp4 183.18 MB

As it turns out I do have a use for older, unattractive slaves! They make efficient foot cleaners eager to do any degrading task to amuse a Goddess.
Length: 6 minutes

Triple Humiliating JOI

mp4 256.65 MB

I'm joined by two cruel, beautiful Goddess's: Kandy Kink & Bijou Steal. We degrade & humiliate you (& a slave who we mostly ignore) while instructing you to jerk yourself off for us. Includes teasing views of my feet & ass.
~~~ (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)
(Click to see more of Kandy Kink on Club Stiletto)
Length: 9 minutes

Objectified Foot Bitch

mp4 146.18 MB

Sometimes it's the quiet moments that are the most sensual. In reality, if you served me we would have a lot of intimate moments like this...where you could give in to being an object. Just a warm, comfortable place for me to sit...cleaning & worshiping my petite, delicate feet with your warm, wet tongue...
Length: 5 minutes

Your Wife Doesn't have Feet Like Mine

mp4 285.36 MB

This is a custom vid but I don't say a name so anyone can enjoy it...or anyone who likes feet *smile* ~~ I'm a friend of your wife's & I'm staying over but she's had to go out. You find me alone & start to perv on my feet, as always. I catch you & tease you about how attracted you are to my petite size 4 feet. Your wife has huge, ugly feet. I try on her size 10 flip flops to show you the difference in our feet. I tease you about your feelings giving you lots of views of my adorable, sexy feet.
Length: 9 minutes

Dominant Foot Goddess's

mp4 161.37 MB

During filming recently I decided to film this little candid clip (between scenes) of us gals enjoying some foot worship from the slaves. This was spontaneous & casual. True Dominant Goddess's dealing with slaves in a natural way. (Click to see more of Bijou Steal)