Older Woman/Younger Man

Bedtime Release For MILF's Boy

mp4 290.68 MB

Need help getting to sleep? Loving but strict MILF will stroke you to sleepy town with her sexy burgundy leather gloves...
Length: 10 minutes

Foot Reward For MILF's Boy

mp4 396.13 MB

You've been such a good boy, you deserve a sensual reward from MILF-Y Dearest...
Length: 14 minutes

MILF Sweet Sex Coaching

mp4 395.98 MB

For my boys...your hot, loving MILF is back to coach you through your sexual exploration. So naughty ...but you love it. xo
Length: 13 minutes

Pantyhose Fetish With Auntie

mp4 280.01 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. This is a sensual, teasing 'sex ed/masturbation encouragement' for you, my shy nephew who clearly has a fetish for pantyhose. I tell you it's okay for you to indulge your fetish with me, coaching you to masturbate along with me...it will be our little secret.
Length: 9 minutes

Sniff MILFs Ass

mp4 222.02 MB

MILF asks her boy if he likes her sexy outfit. She wonders if he thinks her new boyfriend will like it. She teases him about his shyness...and his growing boner. She says she knows about him sniffing her dirty panties & pantyhose...and tells him to get a good sniff right from the source.
Length: 7 minutes

Teacher Trains You

mp4 504.52 MB

This is a custom vid (no name mentioned). I keep you after class to discuss your behavior. I've noticed you staring at my ass in class. I explain that it's poor manners to stare or oggle women in an objectifying way. I then explain the right way to treat women, to respect them, to please them. I end up guiding you in a masturbation instruction as the start of training you to be a gentleman who puts women pleasure before your own. Note: This is a gentle, slightly stern FemDom SEX ED/jerk off instruction (with a countdown) by a mature, experienced woman/MILF/cougar. No overt humiliation except getting caught perving in the beginning.
Length: 17 minutes

Sex Training From MILF

mp4 332.91 MB

Taboo MILF hand job with orgasm control & sex ed! It's time you learn how to be a good lover. I'll teach you everything, how to lick pussy, how to please a women...today you'll start to learn orgasm control. I can see you are easily excited & prone to premature ejaculation. That just won't do! I'll bring you to the edge over & over, helping you practice holding off your orgasm...eventually allowing you to (enthusiastically) release. It's all just so naughty, isn't it?
Length: 11 minutes

MILF Pocket Pussy Training

mp4 484.75 MB

As part of your sex ed I've gotten you a masturbation device to practice with (it's like a Fleshlight). I know it seems a little strange to have me (your MILF) teach you this stuff but I want to ensure you have proper instruction...& I also know that you secretly desire me even though it's so naughty & wrong...
Length: 16 minutes

Sex Ed From An Experienced Woman

mp4 505.56 MB

Your MILF & I think it's time you learn more about sex. She's concerned you might turn out to be a bad lover if you don't get some coaching on orgasm control, safe sex, etc. So as an experienced woman & basically your Auntie who cares about you, I'm going to take you 'in hand' & help you out...
Length: 17 minutes

Milfs Good Slave Boy

mp4 285.39 MB

MILF/boy - Twisted Fantasy: Show me what an obedient boy you can be for me.
Length: 10 minutes