Controlled By Hot Sis

mp4 373.85 MB

It's so naughty & wrong...you shouldn't be attracted to your own ! ...but you are...& she's figured out she has this power over you...
Length: 15 minutes

Milk You Of Your Sins

mp4 401.91 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned. With evangelical enthusiasm I guide all of you sinners to redemption while milking this sinner of his perversions. Only when he is empty will there be a space for our saviors love. I have received the message from our blessed Lord & he works through my hands to drain the sins from this sin rod...to make him clean again, to repent. Hallelujah!
Length: 13 minutes

Medical Experiment

mp4 266.47 MB

Test subject number 108. Testing arousal levels with corresponding erection reaction time & rigidity. Experimenting on orgasm control & ejaculation.
Length: 9 minutes

Too Close To Home

mp4 404.26 MB

What happens when your sis finds out you've been perving on her? When she finds out your weakness...your vulnerability? Did you really think that she wouldn't use that information to get what she wants? To blackm & manipulate you?
Length: 14 minutes

Medical Clinic Ejaculation Test

mp4 442.01 MB

The good Doctor will give you a thorough examination to ensure everything is working properly...if you pass this test you might even have an opportunity to be a part of an enticing clinical trial involving more in depth interaction with your sexy Doc. ~~~ Features: Professional, conservative demeanor & proper medical terms rather than slang. Latex gloves & an impressive ejaculation.
Length: 15 minutes

Medical Ejaculation Assessment

mp4 443.72 MB

As a professional, conservative sex therapist, part of what I do is physically check that everything is working properly. A "systems check" so-to-speak. Today my patient is nervous as I ask him to strip naked & answer some personal questions about his masturbation habits, his fetishes, his sex life, etc. I eventually get him to admit he has a fetish for licking pussy & ass. He's just crazy for women's rear-ends. I tell him to close his eyes while I'm stroking him & imagine that I'm sitting on his face...he has vivid visions of my pussy & ass against his lips...he ejaculates enthusiastically by my latex-gloved hand.
Length: 15 minutes

Medical Exam Extraction

mp4 373.9 MB

A proper, full medical exam includes testing sexual function. Penile responsiveness, consistency of erection, length of time to ejaculation & amount of ejaculate. A series of questions are also asked of the patient, including masturbation habits, sexual fantasies, etc. Tone of the examination: professional & conservative with proper medical terms rather than slang (penis instead of cock, etc.) with dark navy blue/purple latex medical gloves.
Length: 13 minutes

Bathroom Slave

mp4 130.35 MB

Miss Jasmine & I made this little vid to show other women the joys of having a slave in your bathroom...to clean up after...well, to use his mouth for whatever you want... (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)
Length: 4 minutes

Gay Cocksucking Seduction

mp4 345.86 MB

Down on your knees it's time for you to finally suck cock for me. I seduce & coach you into it. I encourage you to lick his balls...I tease you with telling you to kiss me while you suck his cock. Just look at me & my gorgeous breasts while you take that cock in your mouth...soon you'll be sucking that cock like a champ & take all that hot cum on your face while you open your mouth wide & catch as much as you can...
Length: 12 minutes

Worthless Dick

mp4 320.57 MB

This is a very twisted vid. My disdain for your useless dicklet reaches new depths as I talk about what I would do with it while demonstrating on this banana. Watch my teeth crush, tear, chew & destroy this banana. Feel it between your legs. I'd want to make sure that you never disappoint another woman ever again with your inadequacy.
Length: 11 minutes