Cum Eating Instruction

Double Strap-On with Nikki Whiplash!

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Oh boy, this is a heavy scene. Mistress Nikki Whiplash & I really give this little bitch a working over. He gets pounded by both of our big cocks, sucks them, goes ass-to-mouth & who knows what the hell else? It's a hardcore, messy scene. Enjoy! (To see more of Nikki Whiplash:
Length: 11 minutes

Huge Strap On Ass To Mouth

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In this intense strap on scene my latex gimp manages to get my huge black cock in his mouth & ass. I pound him mercilessly & jerk him off onto my cock...then order him to suck it clean: ass juice, cum & all!
Length: 12 minutes

Cum Drinking Cock Sucking Sissy

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That's exactly what you are, isn't it? A "Cum Drinking Cock Sucking Sissy". Get down on your knees before me & show me what a hard working mouth you have. Show me what a good sissy you can be.
Length: 10 minutes

Superior Black Cock

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This is the full scene you've been waiting for! (a few teasers were in "You Love Black Cock" released a few weeks ago).
Get down on your knees...below that superior black cock & worship it. Open that slut mouth of yours & catch every damn drop of that superior cum.
Length: 11 minutes

Cuckolds Ongoing Denial

mp4 294.83 MB

You are my cuckold & as always, you are denied an orgasm while watching another stud have all the fun. He gets to be close to me, to feel my hands, mouth & pussy on his cock...he gets to cum. You don't. You do get to taste a real man's cum though, by licking it off my boot.
Length: 11 minutes

Inexperienced Pathetic Cuck

mp4 372.57 MB

This is a custom vid for "Gary" & I use his name several times. You can enjoy this vid no matter what your name is, especially if you're sexually inexperienced. You're better off as a cuckold since you couldn't please a woman in bed. If you have a flesh light or pocket pussy/masturbation sleeve: bonus (as I encourage you to hump it, teasing you that it's as close to a real pussy as you're going to get.) I humiliate you throughout this sexy jerk off instruction with the end you're instructed to slurp up all your cum so you can get used to cleaning up cum-filled pussies.
Length: 13 minutes

Mattress Cuckold Objectified

mp4 333.45 MB

My slave is just an object. A door mat, a face seat cushion, a mattress. I usually ignore him but I take sadistic pleasure in objectifying him in creative ways, in treating him like a thing. An "it". I sit full weight on his face while chatting on the phone. He has to lift me enough to get a bit of air. I stand on him while making out with & fucking my lover. I lay on top of him while getting fucked, with no regard for his comfort or feelings. I make him fluff my lovers cock but he's so worthless he doesn't do it well (probably because he thinks he's "straight") so I make him my cum-dumpster. I know how much he hates the taste of cum, even the idea of having cum in his mouth is horrifying. Ha ha!
Length: 11 minutes

Sissy Cuckold Faggot

mp4 320.84 MB

Custom vid, no name mentioned: "'I'd like to order a custom clip wherein you humiliate me for being a sissy cuckold faggot. Please talk about my tiny penis and how my wife fucks other men. Please make me fuck my own ass with a dildo and eat my own cum. I'd like it if you called me faggot a lot. I particularly like it when you wear black thigh high boots and dominatrix attire."
Length: 11 minutes

Cum Filled Condom For Cuckold

mp4 472.35 MB

You are my cuckold (out of town at the moment). As usual, I'm having sex with someone else. I like to make these vids to rub your nose in it. This time I'm saving the cum-filled condom for you. You're going to have to eat the contents of that condom before you're allowed to ejaculate.(Side note: I have actually sent the condom from this vid to a lucky cuckold...but anyone can follow my instructions in this vid by cumming in a condom or in a glass & saving it...then eating it during this vid. HOT CUM-EATING-INSTRUCTION/ENCOURAGEMENT! )
Length: 16 minutes

Gay Servitude Mind Fucking

mp4 321.67 MB

...and now for something completely different...this vid combines (a little) toilet humiliation with a lot of GAY mind-fucking. You are presently locked in my toilet where you've been serving me. I've told you that eventually I'll be turning you gay & pimping you out to make money for me. I've brought in a guy to start your training. While you can't escape he'll come in, sit down & start to masturbate while you think about all the man-ass you'll have to lick & all the balls you'll have to lick...for me. He then turns around & pumps a huge load of cum right onto your face. I've instructed you to open your mouth wide to catch as much as possible. You'll have to get used to the taste of cum. As my whored-out fag boy you'll be swallowing gallons of jizz. I then return to humiliate you further while you lay there helpless with cum all over your face & the taste of cum in your mouth. A truly mind-fucking humiliation!
Length: 11 minutes