Superheroine or Supervillian?

mp4 151.3 MB

Sometimes the battle between good & evil is unclear. Sometimes knowing everything means knowing too much...and sometimes the lines between fantasy & reality become blurred...
Length: 5 minutes

Facesitting For 1 Cum Eating For The Other

mp4 199.9 MB

It's not always easy being one of my slaves. Sometimes there are rewards, sometimes there are punishments. Today 1 slave is getting a reward for good behavior: my sweet pussy & ass right on his face. Heaven!

The other gets humiliated & has to do the one thing he absolutely hates: eat his own cum.

Length: 7 minutes

Mouth Gag Dildo Tease

mp4 244.16 MB

A piece of latex covers my slaves entire gagged mouth, making it impossible for him to get a taste, even though my tempting pussy & ass are right there. I'm literally rubbing his nose in the fact that he doesn't get to taste me. I ride that cock...I ride his face, using him as an object. I love teasing & tormenting my slave! I eventually allow him a release while his nose is pressed against my asshole, as he struggles to breath & the only thing he can smell is my intimate fragrance...

Length: 8 minutes

Sweaty Yoga Pants Facesit

mp4 299.95 MB

How long do you think you would last with my gorgeous big ass on your face...sweaty & fragrant...while my hand teases your horny dick...

Length: 11 minutes

Shiny Face Sit

mp4 184.83 MB

Got a thing for shiny clothing, my ass or facesitting? You'll love this then! Full weight face sitting that takes his breath away.
Length: 6 minutes

Face Fucked and Denied

mp4 303.89 MB

Being truly submissive means learning to always put my needs & wants before yours. Certainly, my orgasms are more important than yours. Today you will get pleasure from my pleasure as I cum using your face to stimulate me....knowing that the smell of my sweet pussy drives you crazy...your moans heightening my pleasure...
Length: 10 minutes

Sweaty Yoga Pants

mp4 534.58 MB

This vid is awesome. It's on sale because I'm feeling generous. It's a fun, casual vid which shows real life worship between myself & my personal slave. He is completely in love with my ass (as many of you are). He loves the way it smells & it's a big treat for him to worship it after I've been working out. So if you love my ass too...& like yoga pants, handjobs & authentic real-world FemDom/Goddess Worship you will really enjoy this more natural style vid. More of me just being me, naturally Dominant & playful.
Length: 19 minutes

Black Magic Seed Extraction

mp4 222.86 MB

Now that you are under my spell you'll do whatever I tell you to. I only milk you when I require your seed for my potions...otherwise you don't get to cum. I control everything about you now, including your orgasms. My scent is like an opiate to you. My pussy makes you deeply submissive. When I sit on your face any hope of escape is gone...ejaculating takes you even deeper under my control but you are helpless to resist...
Length: 8 minutes

Interracial Ass Worship and Post Cum Torment

mp4 216.85 MB

Black slave, white Dominatrix...ass worship...sensual all the way through until the orgasm, then it's cruel post cum torment for the unfortunate slave!
Length: 7 minutes

Footjob Fantasy

mp4 386.12 MB

A sensual footjob seduction...Indulge your foot fetish...give into it... NOTE: Crazy hot climax of me sitting full weight, nude, on his face while milking his cock to an explosive finish with just my feet!
Length: 13 minutes