StepMILFs Seduction

mp4 260.63 MB

With a weakness for feet and a very cunning, hot StepMuther, you never had a chance...
Length: 9 minutes

Sissy Boy Wanked Before School

mp4 297.45 MB

I always wanted a little girl, not a boy...so I dress my boy up like a girl. Before sending him/her off to school I milk him to ensure he doesn't pop a woody at school, which would raise some questions. While stroking him I tell him how I'll have to train him to be the perfect cock sucker in case a man tries to diddle him. That way he can keep them from going into 'her' panties by making him cum in 'her' mouth.
Length: 10 minutes

My Boy Won't Be Gay

mp4 401.57 MB

To ensure her boy doesn't grow up to be a homosexual, a strict, church-going "MILF" takes matters into her own hands. A little bit of disciplinary spanking puts her boy in his place before she shows him how good it can feel to cum by a woman's hand.
Length: 13 minutes

MILF Teaches Boy a Lesson

mp4 311.12 MB

There's nothing like the humiliating discipline you get from your loving but strict 'MILF'. Made to strip, threatened with chastity, teased & denied. My goodness!
Length: 13 minutes

MILF's Special Sissy

mp4 304.69 MB

"I always wanted a girl!" ...We can't have the other students at school figuring out what you have under your skirt so MILF will just make sure we get rid of that stiffy before you go to school.
Length: 10 minutes

Empty Your Balls For MILF

mp4 354.55 MB

MILF's Boys & MILF fans: drop your drawers & pj bottoms, it's time to wank for your me. I got a call from the school...you've been caught jerking off in the bathroom AGAIN. From now on you'll masturbate in front of me every morning before you go to school so you're not so horny. I know it's humiliating doing that in front of your me...but I also know you secretly fantasize about me. You're ashamed of that, aren't you. I'll let you sniff & lick me to help you with your nervousness...
Length: 12 minutes

MILF's Special Sex Ed

mp4 590.01 MB

It's time to learn about the birds & the bees. The best way for offspring to learn is with each other. Loving Milf instructs & guides them, sometimes demonstrating. It's important that the Miss doesn't get a reputation at school so when she has urges she's to use her bro for her pleasure. He'll be taught how to satisfy & service both Milf & Miss...
Length: 20 minutes

Auntie & MILF's Groin Relief

mp4 308.35 MB

MILF's boy seems to have slightly hurt his groin muscle. Auntie & MILF insist on examining the area & applying the appropriate salve. The next problem that 'pops' up Auntie & MILF also know how to deal with...they'll get the swelling down & have junior sorted out in short order. (Firm but loving sensual HJ with Fam FANTASY) (Click to see more of Lady Nina Birch)
Length: 10 minutes

Step MILF Double Jerk Off

mp4 448.14 MB

I'm your new Step MILF. While your Pa is out of town he has left me in charge of making sure you're up & ready for your first day at your new school. I understand that you may be distracted by the girls at school & it's important to me that you stay focused on your school work. Your Pa will be proud of you if you get good grades. I decide to help you stay focused by ensuring your balls are completely empty each morning. That's means that you'll jerk off TWICE while I tease you with my sexy body & sensually Dominant demeanor. You'll follow my instructions as I straddle your face, getting close enough for you to smell my feminine fragrance...this will be our little secret. It's taboo & unorthodox but I bet soon enough you'll only be able to cum looking at me, your step-MILF & other girls won't be a distraction at all...
Length: 15 minutes

Slow, Quiet Wet Dream For MILF's Boy

mp4 324.24 MB

Sexy MILF (MILF) finds her boy in her bed. He's so still & quiet, but warm...& naked...& hard...she hushes him & moves slowly as to not disturb him. MILF's soothing voice & light touch...it's like a dream...MILF's pussy...MILF's hand...a messy climax and he'll always wonder if it was real or just something he imagined...
Length: 11 minutes