Masturbation Instruction

Game Day 2

mp4 382.81 MB

It's time to play your favorite game again today! I tease you mercilessly with my feet and body. We'll play lots of 'stop & go' as I guide you through a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Will you be given permission to cum at the end or will you be denied? There's only one way to find out...
Length: 13 minutes

Sensual Entrancement

mp4 539.23 MB

This is a relaxing, sensuous, intense MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION. Complete escapism. You will feel more peaceful & positive after being taken on an intimate journey with me....deeper....deeper... Designed to make you feel like I am right there with convincing you will swear you feel my warmth, my touch, my pussy wrapped around your cock...
Length: 19 minutes

Ruin Your Little Dicks Orgasm

mp4 293.62 MB

This is dynamite jerk off material if you're into cruel, cutting HUMILIATION (especially small penis humiliation!) while being seduced and controlled by a sensual Dominant woman. Lots of teasing & eye candy to guide you through your MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with a painful and disappointing ending: you will ruin your orgasm for me.
Length: 10 minutes

Game Day

mp4 276.67 MB

This is a custom clip. You're my full time house boy/man servant. If you please me all week I usually allow you to have an orgasm. This week we're going to play a little game to make things more interesting. With lots of sensual teasing I get you very worked up. You're SO horny and desperate to cum! Then I draw a ball to see if you get to have an orgasm (which you must have within 10 seconds of me drawing the ball) or if you get denied until next week...or for the next month! Even I didn't know how this clip would end until I drew the ball at the neither will you! Feelin' lucky? (Lots of great views of my feet as I know how much they turn you on!)
Length: 10 minutes

Bitch Boss Controls You

mp4 94.58 MB

If you fantasize about your sexy, FemDom boss giving you orders and treating you like a slug you like this...if you're into feet, nylons/pantyhose/boots/leather/foot sniffing/scent fetish...even better.
Length: 11 minutes

Follow Teachers Instructions

mp4 394.74 MB

You're in detention for failing to follow direction in class. Your strict, sexy teacher is going to ensure that you learn how to take instruction. You are going to be told exactly what to do with your penis, how to stroke, when to stop, etc. and she will carefully observe you to ensure you are performing perfectly. Some of this will be challenging, you will be tested, but in the end you will earn her permission to ejaculate...right on the classroom floor, so when you see the stain tomorrow you'll be reminded of your lesson.
Length: 13 minutes

Sensual Entrancement

mp4 332.99 MB

This is a soothing, sensual, (safe) vid. Nothing evil here. Honest. Okay, maybe you'll be a little more addicted to me after...but hey, that could happen with any of my vids.
Length: 15 minutes

Cum On Your Own Face2

mp4 266.96 MB

This actually isn't anything like the first one but if you're into MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION & being instructed to jerk off on your own face (+CUM EATING INSTRUCTION) you'll love this. I'm very proud of the quality of this vid, by the way. Storyline: I'm your girlfriend who you've asked to take a facial for your birthday. You love watching porn of girls getting splooged on their face/eating cum & you want to fulfill your fantasy with me. I'm not really into it but say if you do it first to yourself I'll consider it. Show me it's not so bad eating your cum and having it on your face...I'll coach you along and give you sexy visuals to help but you're going to have to do all the work yourself...
Length: 9 minutes


mp4 356.76 MB

This is a INTERACTIVE custom vid for a sad, sad individual...but I know he's not alone & a lot of you are just as pathetic. You will be given instruction at the beginning of the clip to go wee in a glass. At the end of the clip you'll be instructed to ejaculate in that glass and drink all your filth. There's also some CBT instruction. In between...I tease you about your 'issues': erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and of course, you have a tiny dick too! You've never been able to please a woman or keep a girlfriend, even with erection medication. The only real girlfriend you had cheated on you, of course, with a black man. Gee, I wonder why stud muffin? Length: 12 minutes

Teacher Punishes

mp4 236.39 MB

OLDER WOMEN/YOUNGER Man + TEASE & DENIAL + Leg / PANTYHOSE FETISH. You're in detention for being a little pervert in class. Apparently you haven't learned your lesson because you're still being a pervert. Teacher attempts to train you...including threatening to send you to the principles office where very harsh and humiliating punishment is dished out...yet, you can't help yourself. You have an erection that won't go away...
Length: 8 minutes