Masturbation Instruction

Erotic Assassin 2

mp4 362.16 MB

You are an inspector who has finally tracked down the serial assassin (me) who uses her charms to trap & off her victims. You may have been clever enough to find me, but will you be able to resist my femme fatal seduction? You are just a 'man' after all...and EVERY man has his weaknesses......
Length: 12 minutes

Bitch Boss Controls You

mp4 94.58 MB

If you fantasize about your sexy, FemDom boss giving you orders and treating you like a slug you like this...if you're into feet, nylons/pantyhose/boots/leather/foot sniffing/scent fetish...even better.
Length: 11 minutes

Follow Teachers Instructions

mp4 394.74 MB

You're in detention for failing to follow direction in class. Your strict, sexy teacher is going to ensure that you learn how to take instruction. You are going to be told exactly what to do with your penis, how to stroke, when to stop, etc. and she will carefully observe you to ensure you are performing perfectly. Some of this will be challenging, you will be tested, but in the end you will earn her permission to ejaculate...right on the classroom floor, so when you see the stain tomorrow you'll be reminded of your lesson.
Length: 13 minutes

Erotic Assassin: Fatal Scent

mp4 250.29 MB

Yet another killlller adventure in the Erotic Assassin series! (Search keyword 'assassin' above to find more from this series). You're shocked to find such an alluring vixen in your bedroom: your wildest dream come true? No, more likely your worst nightmare. You know you should run but something is drawing you can't seem to resist her become so entranced by her velvety voice & breathtaking beauty that when she explains that her specially formulated perfume is slowly paralyzing you, you don't even want to run. By the time she's smothering you under that gorgeous ass and you're approaching the last orgasm of your're completely helpless...
Length: 9 minutes


mp4 164.85 MB

This is a custom vid for a foot lover...anyone can enjoy it though. I don't use anyone's name. It's just a sexy foot worship/masturbation encouragement featuring lots of stunning views of my petite, size 4 feet!
Length: 5 minutes


mp4 356.76 MB

This is a INTERACTIVE custom vid for a sad, sad individual...but I know he's not alone & a lot of you are just as pathetic. You will be given instruction at the beginning of the clip to go wee in a glass. At the end of the clip you'll be instructed to ejaculate in that glass and drink all your filth. There's also some CBT instruction. In between...I tease you about your 'issues': erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and of course, you have a tiny dick too! You've never been able to please a woman or keep a girlfriend, even with erection medication. The only real girlfriend you had cheated on you, of course, with a black man. Gee, I wonder why stud muffin? Length: 12 minutes

Teacher Punishes

mp4 236.39 MB

OLDER WOMEN/YOUNGER Man + TEASE & DENIAL + Leg / PANTYHOSE FETISH. You're in detention for being a little pervert in class. Apparently you haven't learned your lesson because you're still being a pervert. Teacher attempts to train you...including threatening to send you to the principles office where very harsh and humiliating punishment is dished out...yet, you can't help yourself. You have an erection that won't go away...
Length: 8 minutes

Caught By MILF

mp4 338.51 MB

You were noticing your hot MILF in her bikini by the pool & finally had to sneak off to relieve yourself and your aching, horny cock...but MILF walks in and catches you wanking yourself! How embarrassing! MILF turns out to be pretty understanding of a boys raging hormones & feels she is just the person to supervise your sexual development. She gives you eye candy and seems so wrong but you've learned it's best to follow M0thers orders...(MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION + OLDER WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN + Fam FANTASIES +JOI)
Length: 12 minutes

Worship Your White Goddess

mp4 309.5 MB

IMPORTANT: This is a RACE-PLAY fantasy vid specifically for non-white men who get off on being degraded and called TABOO names by Dominant White women. If you are easily offended, do not watch this clip. This is a JOI/MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION with cruel HUMILIATION.
Length: 10 minutes

MILFs Cocksucking Lesson 5

mp4 414.73 MB

MILF has a new boyfriend so it's time for you to continue your cocksucking training on a different cock. This one is thicker so you're going to be challenged. You're also going to be expected to start training your ass to take cocks so get your toy and lube ready that MILF got for you. Watch how MILF gives oral pleasure first, then you do it WITH MILF...our tongues meeting as we both lick that cock & balls. Then you practice. MILFs boyfriend will let me know if you're doing a good job so work hard! Now, while we watch you and instruct you, lube up your ass toy and slide it in. Practice taking it in the ass while sucking cock and jerking off, you'll need to learn how to do all of this when I pimp you'll also need to get used to sucking cocks AFTER they've been in your ass so you'll be doing ASS-TO-MOUTH too...if you had a bigger penis and could please women you wouldn't have to be turned into a little faggot whore...but your penis is a disappointment so this is how it has to be...
Length: 14 minutes