sis's Tampon Part 2

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In the 2nd part of this 4 part vid your bitchy big sis teases you with her tampon string while in the bathroom. She informs you that the next nasty task you'll need to learn to perform is drinking her P & eating her...(you know what)...and then maybe you'll have a chance to suck her tampon and taste her menses (period). This is just toilet talk-nothing visually graphic here. (Note: this is a custom vid and I address the viewer as 'Tony'.)
Length: 3 minutes

sis's Tampon Part 4

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This is the last part in the 4 part series. After all I've made you do I bet you think I'll finally let you taste my menses (period)? You're going to have to humiliate yourself a little bit more first. I want you to jerk off for me and eat your own cum! Do it for your beloved bitch big sis. (Note: this is a custom vid and I use the name 'Tony' often.)
Length: 4 minutes

MILF sis Tag Team

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Oh, the humiliation! Your Muther & Sis team up in this clip to doubly humiliate you. MILF is training Sis in the fine art of Dominating and controlling boys and men...and MILF has been training you for awhile to serve women. It's time for you to be Sis's guinea piggy. You secretly have a bit of a crush on your hot sis but she despises you and is so MEAN to you. She really enjoys teasing you and making you squirm as MILF guides you to jerk off in front of them. Starring the amazing CEARA LYNCH! See more of her here: & Length: 14 minutes